and CDA successfully host the Islamabad Literary Festival 2023: A Celebration of Literature, Art, and Culture 

Islamabad Literary Festival 2023, in collaboration with the Capital Development Authority (CDA), successfully hosted Islamabad Literary Festival 2023 to bring together prominent voices in literature and cultural arts. 

The event was held at  F-9 Park, Islamabad Gandhara Citizen Center on the 17th, 18th and 19th of March 2023. 

The event brought together renowned enthusiasts from all over the country to celebrate the rich cultural heritage of Pakistan.

The Islamabad Literary Festival 2023 featured a diverse range of events to celebrate the power of literature, art, and culture. 

The festival started with a welcome note by the Chairman of CDA, Noor Ul Amin Mengal, setting the tone for the exciting events to come. The welcome note emphasized the importance of cultural initiatives in promoting a sense of community and national identity.

One of the key events at the festival was the Islamabad ManzilbaManzil, which showcased the city’s rich literary history. Moreover, the festival also included a panel discussion hosted by Kamran Lashari, a prominent cultural figure in Pakistan. 

Another important event at the festival was the discussion on Pakistani languages, which highlighted the diverse linguistic landscape of the country. The discussion explored the role of language in shaping culture and identity and celebrated the richness and diversity of Pakistani languages.

Additionally, the festival featured a discussion on “Pakistani Shaaeri kay 75 Saal” (75 years of poetry in Pakistan), which provided a platform for literary figures to reflect on the evolution of poetry in the country over the past seven decades.

Through its partnership with the CDA, is helping to promote and celebrate the city’s literary and cultural traditions, while also providing a platform for artists, writers, and thinkers to engage with audiences from across Pakistan and around the world.


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