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First-ever real estate certification programme in Pakistan to be taught by experts at NUST!

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Once again, is all set to score a first in the real estate sector of Pakistan. This time, it is in the realm of academia – and is not alone in this venture. and the National University of Sciences and Technology (NUST) are collaborating to introduce Pakistan’s first-ever educational course on real estate. The four-week programme – Certification in Real Estate Science – Level 1, shall be conducted at NUST, Islamabad, from January 29 to February 30. 

Among those teaching the course, are CEO Mr. Shafiq Akbar. Akbar holds a Master’s degree in Policy Analysis from the University of Cambridge, as well as an MSc in Public Policy.

Besides this, other experts in the area of real estate who are teaching course modules are – Group Director Mr. Farhan Javed, and senior professionals of the company, including Omer Abideen, and Iqra Musaddaq.


Having entered Pakistan’s real estate sector just five years ago with a tech-savvy bang for all potential real estate users – both ends – has notched up many a first and is here to stay while revolutionising real estate on the way. What could be better than, at this point, taking up an initiative to disseminate knowledge that incorporates the experiences of its professionals to a wider realm – students – taking us into transforming the real estate sector for tomorrow.

NUST, established in 1991 as an institute of higher learning par excellence primarily in the areas of technology and science, has not only further cemented its niche in the three decades of its existence but is constantly striving to achieve higher milestones. The university is recognised as a nurturing space for scholars, academics, and professionals, producing alumni who have gone on to contribute significantly to Pakistan’s progress. Today, NUST is well-recognised as a leading comprehensive university that is constantly evolving, developing pioneering programmes in teaching as well as research.

And that is where the vision of and the vision of NUST come together, to keep pushing boundaries and mark the way for the future. 

At present, of the 100,000 or so real estate agents operating across the country, just a bare handful – 437 – are registered. And of course, none have specific formal training of any sort. The ground realities of the real estate sector as it stands at present are what led to the conceptualisation of the certificate course from With its mission of revolutionising this sector, starting from the grassroots to rectify the situation is what the educational programme is aimed at.

At present, the Prime Minister’s active interest in revamping the real estate sector has led to the Islamabad Real Estate Bill 2020, as well as the formation of the Real Estate Regulation Authority (RERA), which are active steps towards improved regulation. With the value of the real estate in Pakistan estimated to be around $1.2 to $1.5 trillion, and where 60 to 70 per cent real estate transactions do not become part of the active economy due to under-documentation, one of the economy’s most significant components has remained mired in traditionalist modes until now.

In order to capitalise on the economic potential therein, it is imperative to introduce measures that improve on existing systems.

The Level 1 certification course is an interactive one, incorporating different teaching and learning methodologies, including discussions, case studies and practical exercises; there will also be eminent guest speakers. Students across all disciplines who wish to enter the real estate business, real estate professionals, professionals from allied sectors (banking, insurance, finance) and those who plan to establish a real estate venture or brokerage firm all stand to benefit from this course. 

Students who have enrolled will come out of the programme with an in-depth understanding of why the course defines real estate as a science. Taking students from the start-off point of the history of real estate, through all finer aspects of the trade – legal, transactions, business ethics, and the life of a real estate agent – the programme is all-encompassing. 

Once the first batch of students has completed the certification, the perception, as well as business of real estate, will never be the same again.

invest with imarat Islamabad’s emerging city
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