bags ‘Best Companies Award 2022’ at Dubai’s Realty 2.0 conference wins ‘Best Companies Award 2022’ at Dubai’s Realty 2.0 conference, Pakistan’s 1st online real estate marketplace, was presented with the ‘Best Companies Award 2022’ at Dubai’s Realty 2.0 Conference, held from 20th to 22nd March, 2022. 

“It has been an honour being recognised alongside some of the most reputable companies in the real estate landscape,” stated CEO Shafiq Akbar. “Recognition at an international scale only obliges us to continue to adhere to the benchmark of excellence and propel the industry forward with our practices.”

A reputable player in the market, has built a consistent track record of performance over time with its diverse portfolio. It plays a major role in dynamically changing the real estate sector by introducing a more transparent management approach in all its facets, from client satisfaction to professional development. 

“I am delighted that has received this award and proud of our value-added services that have led us to this achievement,” said Group Director Farhan Javed. “To recognise the sound market contribution of all the leading companies present here can help us create conversations that build trust in the real estate sector.”, Pakistan’s smartest property portal, has a proven track record of successful transactions, and its diversification strategy also accentuates its strength in the omnichannel retail environment of today. 

The Realty 2.0 conference brings together active and prominent developers, investors, property managers, agents and other real estate professionals to commemorate their achievements, and also provide a platform where they are equipped with the relevant tools and know-how on how to gain momentum in this fluid and fast-paced sector.