celebrates the culture of South Punjab by releasing a new song

In pursuit of promoting cultural harmony and preservation of heritage, celebrated the culture of south Punjab with the release of a new song. 

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The song begins with the soulful voice of Sahir Ali Bagga with the visual of Mai Dhai, who holds court as the quintessential artist known for the promotion of folk music. A boy in scarlet apparel sets the tone of the song followed by a scene of “Derra” or “Bhettak”, the gathering of elders adorned in Azur and silver ornaments. Music, art and architecture are depicted against quaint historic backgrounds, paying homage to the centuries-old traditions of the city of saints – Multan. 

There is a famous Persian saying about Multan which says: 

“Chahar Cheez Ast Tohfa e Multan

Gard, Garma, Gada o Guristaan”


“With four specials gifts, Multan abounds,

Heat, Beggars, Dust and Burial Grounds”


The song depicts the essence of Multan by highlighting the unique blend of history, culture and modernity. An ode to tradition is paid through the depiction of a series of tombs, castles, mustard fields and whirling dervishes with the aim to emphasize its historical significance as home to several Sufi saints who have found their final abode in the city of Multan. The song further sheds light on the city being the home ground of many conquerors’ who have added to its historical charm. 

The city is depicted as the beautiful coming together of past and present, with a hope for a bright and prosperous future with contemporary state-of-the-art real estate projects. No wonder the song concludes as:

“Multan, meri pehchaan ho tum

Meri matti, mera maan ho tum” 


“Multan, you are my identity

You are my soil and my pride” 


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