hosts Annual Dinner 2022 in Islamabad

ISLAMABAD: In the spirit of celebrating milestones and achieving excellence, successfully hosted the Annual Dinner 2022 on Friday to appreciate the efforts of all team members that worked tirelessly to bring about a change in the real estate sector of Pakistan. 

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The event was attended by Chairman IMARAT Group Mr Shafiq Akbar, Director Hospitality and Farhan Javed, Director Arslan Javed, President Advisory Board IIPS Lt Gen. (R) Muhammad Haroon Aslam, Director Agency21 Mr Shajeel E. Ahmer and Director PropSure Mr Taimoor Abbasi. 

“This is the year of change. This is the year of transformation. Let us discover ourselves. Let us conquer ourselves. Only then we can do great things. I have penned down the secret of excellence. It is simple – broaden your vision, set high goals and make the vision of 2047 your desire in a quest to do great things ”, said Mr Shafiq Akbar while stressing the importance of persistent hard work to achieve excellence.  

While commenting on the achievements of the past year, Mr Farhan Javed further added that the success was the result of the combined efforts of the team and congratulated them for helping The Group reach new heights in 2022. 

The directors bestowed awards upon hardworking individuals of the team in a bid to encourage them to continue their efforts.

The event was marked by entertaining performances and fun games which ended with a sumptuous dinner that was enjoyed by everyone alike. is Pakistan’s 1st online marketplace that helps in buying and selling verified properties in an attempt to bring transparency and trust to the real estate sector of Pakistan. 

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