initiates Real Estate Economics course at PIDE initiates Real Estate Economic course at PIDE, Pakistan’s #1 online real estate marketplace, conducted its first session of Real Estate Economics at the Pakistan Institute of Development Economics (PIDE) on 9th June. This collaboration aims to bridge policy gaps and facilitate informed decision-making by providing a solid understanding of economic and financial research. 

Different course experts will give lectures in a total of six sessions, including IMARAT Group Chairman Shafiq Akbar, Group Director Farhan Javed and PropSure Director Taimoor-ul-Haq Abbasi. Participants were selected by an interview panel beforehand.

“Formal real estate education can be valuable to professionals from different backgrounds, whether they are developers, investors or practitioners,” stated Mr. Shafiq Akbar. “Having a grasp on how the real estate market interacts with the broader economy can help instigate a much-needed change in the sector.” strives to revolutionise Pakistan’s real estate sector by enhancing the standard of professional competency and promoting transparent business practices. This educational initiative is a step towards developing practical skills set against theoretical frameworks, and focusing on the macroeconomic factors that shape and influence markets for real property.