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The journey of anyone moving into their first home, either bought or rented, is undoubtedly full of obstacles, which include the never-ending searches, be it for the property itself or the price trends. However, the miseries don’t just end there… is there a school nearby for the children?

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How much distance would one have to cover to reach the hospital?

Are there commuting options and other amnesties available in the area?

So many questions need to be answered. What if there was a permanent solution to these problems? Instead of getting in your car (or using other means of transport,) another way to find the answers related to knowing property trends is to do an online search.

Although searching the internet can be a solution but it is equally frustrating as masses of irrelevant information come up as soon as you hit enter for a place.

Imagine… instead of going out in the scorching heat to find your answers, logging on to the internet to search a property. With the property itself, you get an option to search ‘city landing pages’ or ‘service area pages’ or mentioned location blogs. These means have the answers to all your questions as they cover aspects like price range of significant properties in the areas for easy price comparisons, the current price trends or giving you an idea of how the past trends have changed. A guide to show you the way around by providing map images covering nearby comforts like schools, restaurants, hospitals and many more…


Sounds too good to be true, doesn’t it? Except it is… by refining search results for you,– Pakistan’s smartest property portal brings you the smartest area page- AIRA, that makes the search for price trends, availability, nearby areas and commute easier.

Through this blog post, honours all of these great questions to cater to your needs. This is a guide to define the area page and identify the distinct features to make usage easier for you.

If you’re looking for a perfect home to either buy or rent, click on After filling in the desired information, unlock a realm of never-ending listings. Want to get to know more about the area? Simply click on the locality to unlock the features.

It is hoped that by reading this piece, you will not only become fluent in the subject of this area page but will also be ready to find what you’re looking for through the features offered.

Looking for buying or renting a property? Want to find the perfect home? Log on to and find the perfect home to start your adventure.

With every property displayed, click on the locality to find out every information you need to consider before you move forward. Here are some of the features you should acquaint yourself with for a smooth property searching experience.



1. Price Range:

An inventory of different property listings is what partly makes the smartest property portal in Pakistan. Based on the total listings that every area page on has, an average of the price range is calculated for both, rentals and property for sale of the commercial and residential area.


The lowest price of shops and plots are then shown on every area page.

Moving forward, the price range of the residential sector is divided into three categories, showing prices of houses, flats and plots.


2. Description:

Too tired to drive to the area but want to know what the locality looks like?

Scroll down and find the description of the locality displayed along with the list of basic amenities offered.


3. Time Graph feature:

Before making any purchase, do you want to know what value the investment you are about to make holds?

Do you want to make the perfect decision on the basis of property analysis? has all the solutions to all issues related to property and analysis. Click on the area page to find the property analysis in form of a term graph showing results for both sales and rental property, covering houses, plots and apartments and the price trends that have modified over time.


4. Video feature:

The video feature provides you with high quality of videos of the locations you are searching about to give you a very clear image of what waits for you in the locality.


5. Location:

Covering three different aspects, the location features the answer to every query related to the area. With the map feature highlighting the boundary of the locality, it also shows the location of nearby mega-projects being constructed.

Moving on the commute and nearby feature, your new best-friend to make it through the area. Presenting the option of calculating distance through different modes of transport (car, bus, cycle or on foot) this feature is an amalgamation of different listings covering educational institutes, mosques, hospitals, restaurants and park nearby.

Wherever you want to go, or whatever amenities you want to know about, scroll down and find all the answers you’re looking for.


6. Master-plan of the location:

Want to know what the area holds? Search the master plan to know the area and ways better than everyone.

If you have any questions or confusions, just leave us your queries in the comments below, and all your troubles will be answered.

This is a list of all the major features, AIRA on covers. Want to buy or rent the perfect house? Log on to now and find what you’re looking for through the innumerable listing present. With the availability of AIRA page, exploring any area is now simpler than ever. brings comfort to your fingertips, by being just a click away.


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