Graana X Animals: fundraising and awareness session organised at Roots School

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In connection with the CSR campaign of – Graana X Animals, a fundraising activity and awareness session were conducted today on Tuesday at Roots Intl School H-8 Campus by

The session attracted a number of students and donated for the welfare of the animals. Students vowed to take care of the animals in their surroundings. Students were encouraged by the teachers to take part in social activities.

GraanaXAnimals is a CSR initiative by to help stray animals as it aims to give voice to the voiceless and help the most important yet relegated of the beings – animals.

For this cause, educational institutions can sensitize the mass public and can play an essential role in making this possible. 

Raising awareness about animal rights and how to take care of them in children is extremely important to build a humane and ethically responsible society. For that reason, this activity was conducted. 


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