Green is the New Gold For UAE Real Estate Investors: 70% Willing to Pay More for Sustainable Buildings

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ABU DHABI: According to a Dubai-based developer, the majority of real estate investors in the UAE are prioritizing sustainability, with 80% of local investors and 70% of foreign investors willing to pay more for sustainable properties. 

As per details, the Millennials have been the primary group of home buyers in the UAE since 2010, but Gen Z is expected to overtake them in the future. 

However, millennials will still play a crucial role in the country’s real estate success. Both of these demographics are actively trying to reduce their environmental impact, with 90% of them showing an interest in sustainable residential real estate. 

Although the UAE’s property market already contributes 5.5% to the country’s GDP, it has the potential to contribute even more as progress towards a sustainable future is made.


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