Ground Floor Vs. First Floor – What Portion Should You Rent

The trend of rental houses in Pakistan has been growing at a significant pace, and the next decision that comes with this is the choice of ground floor vs. first floor.

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No matter the portion you opt for, every floor comes with its own set of benefits and drawbacks. These characteristics of living in particular portions are generally based on parameters such as accessibility, view, security, temperature, noise, and cost.

In Pakistan, renting a portion for living is a very common practice. The rental portions are usually first floors and ground floors attached, thus leaving people in confusion over which one is the best fit for them.

Keeping these pointers in mind,— Pakistan’s smartest property portal, brings you a detailed insight into the differences that ground floor vs first floor portions have.


Benefits of Living in Ground Floor Portions


Ground floor vs. first floor portion in house - front elevation


Ground floors are typically considered to be more convenient, as compared to first floors. This is because ground portions come with garage spaces and lawn access, along with being closer to the main gate.

They have access to parking and incorporate the homes’ lawns which you can utilise for landscaping and gardening as well. Moreover, ground floor portions have the main entrance allotted to them; which is a major perk when it comes to making the final choice.

Some other notable points that rule in favour of ground floor portions have been listed below.


No Hassle of Stairs or Elevators

Ground floor means no hassle of stairs and elevators. Since taking several flights of stairs daily or waiting around for an elevator (in case of apartment complexes) can get hectic, ground floor portions come without any such need.


Ease of Carrying Heavy Items into the Home

Another aspect is carrying heavy grocery bags, shopping bags, water cans and so on.
Doing rounds of stairs whilst carrying heavy items becomes a nuisance that you can’t avoid, nor do you have any solution for. Ground floor portions ease this problem since you don’t have to carry heavy furniture or bags upstairs at all.


Additional Lawn or Patio Space


landscaping in lawn space on ground floor portion


Whether you’re living on the ground floor of a building or a house, you have a fair chance of utilising the front lawn and patio.
Some outdoor spaces might also be paved with fresh grass, which is ideal for people who love to engross themselves within nature’s bliss.


No Downstairs Neighbours

Another bonus, which is a major problem in Pakistan, is downstairs neighbours. When you’re living in a ground portion, you don’t have to worry about making less noise or moving heavy objects that might cause a disturbance.

This is ideal for people who have kids that run around and stomp or jump while playing.


Ground Floor Portions Get the Main Entrance


 main entrance to ground floor portion


One of the desirable features of living on the ground floor is that you will get the main entrance to the house, which is very favourable. The main entrance of the house is appealing as compared to the side entrance which leads to the first floor.


Excellent for People with Health Conditions

Apart from all of the above-mentioned factors, the aspect of medical issues factor in significantly when it comes to renting a portion. For people with severe knee, bones, and heart conditions, climbing stairs every day is impossible and extremely difficult.

Thus, ground floor portions prove to be extremely convenient since there is no pressure being exerted due to the absence of stairs.


Disadvantages of Living in Ground Floor Portions

Ground floor portions may seem like the ideal option, but they also offer a few disadvantages that need to be addressed before making any final decision. Let’s take a closer look at these drawbacks.


Lesser Safety

Ground floor units are far more convenient for robberies and thefts since thieves find them easier to break into. They can easily break the windows and even run away from there in case the police arrive.


No Natural Lighting or Views

Since ground floors are on the lowest level, you have to keep your privacy by covering up the windows with blinds or curtains at almost all times.

This little addition makes it very difficult for natural ventilation to cross, and closes off any source of natural lighting as well. So, for people who love the breeze and natural light of the day, ground floors might not be suitable.


Comparatively Expensive

Since the ground portion comes with so many perks such as parking space, lawn and main entrance., it is bound to give you a run for your money. This is because people love to opt for ground portions, and therefore the demand increases, and so does its value.

So in case you’re a small family and are tight on a budget, ground floors might not fit your expenses.


Benefits of Living in First Floor Portions

When it comes to ground floor vs. first floor portions, just as the ground levels are in demand, first floor portions are also preferred for numerous reasons. Following are some of these reasons.


Security & Privacy in First Floor Portions

We all know how ground portions experience a lot of foot traffic because of their location. People living in the upper portion may pass by all day. However, for first floor portions, there is this added layer of privacy and security which is an excellent factor for people who value their space.

First floor portions are isolated and thus are more noise-free and peaceful. Moreover, there is a lesser chance of someone breaking into your home since robbers prefer the easy way out and first floor portions come in as a complex task.


Balcony or Terrace With a View

Upper portions come with a spectacular view and terrace spaces, which are always a plus.

On balconies and terraces, you can easily sit and enjoy the evening breeze and views as compared to lawns which are difficult to sit in because people are passing by all day.

Apart from the privacy of enjoying your space, most upper portions have some view – whether the streets, the hills, or the sky.


Natural Light & Easy Ventilation


Curtains flowing beside the window - ventialation from windows


When you’re living on the first floor; you can leave your windows open freely. There is no added worry about safety, and you can enjoy the ventilation around the house which neutralises the temperature of your home.

Besides the fresh air, upper portions also have this added benefit of natural lighting which cuts down on your electricity bills and kills bacteria in the home.


Less Costly

First floor portions in houses are comparatively less costly because they have the added hassle of climbing stairs and heavy items upstairs.

Other than this, they also have a side entrance and little to no parking space, owing to which they fit a smaller budget.


Drawbacks of Living in First Floor Portions

There are a few disadvantages that may come as a hindrance to your decision to live on the first floor.


Climbing the Stairs Daily


flight of stairs leading to first floor portion


For some people, especially older people, upper portions are a hassle because of the daily use of stairs.

Besides this, carrying your bags, groceries and other items is a huge problem since you can only take some of the stuff at a time, leaving you to run multiple times through the stairs with the heavy bags.


Warmer Home in Summers

First floor portions are prone to high temperatures since they only have the roof above them, and no floor to tone down the scorching heat of the sun.

The ceiling absorbs the heat which can increase the temperature of your home. To tone it down, you’ll have to make use of air-conditioners which will ultimately add to your bills.

If you’re looking for more information on the best advice for choosing between ground floor vs. first floor portions, visit Graana Blog.

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