Best Gyms In Islamabad

best gyms in islamabad

“The resistance that you fight physically in the gym and the resistance that you fight in life can only build a strong character.”

~Arnold Schwarzenegger.


Fitness and healthy life choices are crucial to maintaining a good lifestyle. If you want to get in shape, join a good gym today. Luckily, Islamabad is loaded with some amazing gyms and fitness centers. These gyms not only provide top-notch workout equipment but also provide services of highly qualified personal trainers so that you lose all those unwanted fats without any fuss. You can easily get gym equipment at affordable prices and start your own business. Swimming is also an excellent way to shed off some calories. There are many indoor and outdoor pools in Islamabad. Some of the dams in Pakistan are famous for their swimming spots even they also have beautiful picnic spots, places to eat, amazing things to do, top places to visit in Lahore, and fishing options.

If you are searching for a good gym in Islamabad, keep on reading.

Best Gyms & Fitness Clubs in Islamabad

Gyms Location Contact Details Fees (Rs) Registration Fee (Rs) Ratings
1. Executive Club Street 40, F-10/4, Islamabad Capital Territory 051-8434033 8000-10500 12000 4.5
2. Omnifarious Fitness and Nutrition Office 3, Asif Plaza, Fazlul Haq Road, Blue Area, Islamabad, Pakistan 5000 4.1
3. Metafitnosis Islamabad Studio, Plot 17, F-6 Markaz, above HBL, Islamabad, Pakistan-44000 24000 50000 4.8
4. KinetiX Shahid Plaza Plot # 1-A, Blue Area F-6, Islamabad, Pakistan 34000 4.8


 1. Executive Club

The first gym on our list is the Executive club. Located in the F-6 sector, the Executive club offers a wide range of cardio exercises, strength exercises, boxing, kickboxing, free weight, group Classes, sauna, and the best eatery place in Islamabad.
The gym is open for both males and females. Females have a separate area and their timings are from 11 AM to 7 PM.
The club has several professional trainers who will leave no stone unturned to bring you back on the fitness journey. They keep track of your progress, gauge it, and keep updating the work routine for the maximum impact. They are available all the time for help, motivation, and queries.
Apart from professional trainers, the gym also has a state of the art gym equipment which will make your fitness journey worth it.

executive club fitness gym in islamabad

Address: Street 40, F-10/4, Sector F-10, Islamabad Capital Territory
Contact: 051 8434033

Facebook Page: Executive Club

 2. Omnifarious Fitness and Nutrition

Omnifarious is the only gym in the South Asian subcontinent and the Middle East to be certified by Precision Nutrition of John Berardi (Ph.D. Nutrition), National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM) the USA, International Sports Sciences Association (ISSA) USA, and Functional Movement Systems of Gray Cook, world’s top physical therapist & orthopedic specialist. Government and private hospitals in Islamabad are providing exceptional healthcare facilities to the residents.

These are the top certification organizations in the world currently producing the best specialists in the health and fitness industry and Omnifarious is registered with them. So, if you are someone who wants to get trained by the best trainers in Pakistan, do consider Omnifarious fitness and nutrition. If you are a food lover try these some of the best places to eat in Islamabad.

Interestingly, the experienced and dedicated staff members of the gym devise customized plans for their customers. Omnifarious does not feed you with readymade workout plans and that is one of the best things about them. Get to know online vehicle registration in Islamabad

Just book an appointment with them, sit down, and talk about your goals. The trainers will take into account all your fitness needs and devise an exclusive plan for you. You can either train in the gym or you can also stay at home and follow the nutrition plan along with fun exercises.

You can also do both i.e. train with the experienced staff and follow their nutrition coaching, depending on your personal preference.

Currently, the gym is offering the following packages to its valued customers:

  • Training Packages with Moez Aryan, a renowned fitness coach.
  • Home Training Plans.
  • Nutrition Coaching Plans.
  • Extended Packages.

omnifarious gym in islamabad

Address: Office 3, Asif Plaza, Fazlul Haq Road, Blue Area, Islamabad, Pakistan
Contact: 0333-6999-800. 0306-5444-144

Facebook Page: Omnifarious

 3. Metafitnosis

Islamabad, the gorgeous capital of Pakistan, is known for its exceptional beauty, peaceful ambiance, amazing sightseeing spots, and high quality of life. Metafitnosis is a boutique personal training studio located at the heart of Islamabad since 2006. The client-centric approach makes the gym one of its kind. Their rigorous custom programs and nutrition advice are particularly known among the masses.

Instead of implying a readymade routine on everyone, the dedicated staff of Metafitnosis follows a 7-step full-body assessment which allows them to determine the client’s fitness level and quality of movement.

The trainers then develop programs that follow the fusion training system developed by Amir Siddiqui, a renowned gym trainer. This seven-step system is perfect for the dynamic and ever-changing nature of the human body and it also helps with the controlled cycles of stress, disruption, and adaptation taking each body to its unique potential.

Some of the plans offered by the gym include:

  • Movement-based: A Fat Loss that includes multiple movements and muscle group activation.
  • Met 1-4: It is a four-stage fusion style training program focusing on the whole body. This program is divided over varying levels of progression.
  • Met Hypertrophy: It is a sculpting program for athletes who already boast good stamina and functional mobility but are unable to sculpt their bodies in the way that they want to.
  • Dispersion-Based: It is a program devised specifically and used sporadically to break plateaus our clients face during their fitness journey.
  • The Annihilator: It is a fission annihilator high volume bodybuilding style program geared to build muscle mass and is usually paired with higher calorie diets.
  • Pregnancy Fit: The gym also provides fitness training programs for ladies who are expecting. It is a lighter version of movement-based programs where trainers manage abdominal stress with each trimester. The primary objective of these exercises is to keep pregnant clients moving for a healthy delivery.

Metafitnosis gym in islamabad

Location: Islamabad Studio, Plot 17, F-6 Markaz, above HBL, Islamabad, Pakistan-44000

Contact: 92-300-8555628.

Facebook Page: Metafitnosis

 4. KinetiX

Kinetix is a fitness passion project of fitness trainers who have 10 years of training experience and learning from the very best in the industry. Kinetix is known among the masses because of its state of the art equipment and internationally recognized trainers.

Some of the facilities offered by the gym include:

  • State of the art training facility equipped with the latest and best machines to build your strength.
  • Comfortable, sociable, and energizing lounge area that allows you to connect with your Kinetix family.
  • Structured training that will surely whip you into shape
  • Industry-best knowledge sharing by the best professionals.

Currently, Kinetix is offering the following training programs:

  • Strength Training

In this particular program, a trainee goes through strength, hypertrophy, and metabolic work at different stages of his training.

  • Hypertrophy Training (Muscle Building)

Hypertrophy based programs are focused on aesthetics. Trainers use a mix of traditional and advanced programming techniques. The gym trainers will help you achieve the required muscle mass that you need to have. With your stamina and mobility is improved, you will also feel a lot more sculpted and in shape.

  • Metabolic Training

Metabolic training at Kinetix focuses on completing structural and compound exercises with minimum rest in between exercises to create “Oxygen Debt”, to maximize calorie burn and increase metabolic rate during and after the workout.

The focus is usually to use HIIT principles and a combination of loaded and unloaded exercises to not only improve endurance but also enhance coordination, balance, and basic movement patterns.

  • Core Training

This is an exclusive and very interesting fitness program where the trainers focus on the muscles and train them through rotation and anti-rotation core work which is very unique.

It puts a lot more stress on the overall system and burns tons of calories during and after the workout resulting in a core ready for real-world demands.

KinetiX gym in islamabad

Location: Shahid Plaza Plot # 1-A, Blue Area F-6, Islamabad, Pakistan

Contact: +92 317 7000700.

Facebook Page: Kinetix 

So, these are some of the best fitness options and gyms in Islamabad. If you are planning to lose weight and get fit, we suggest you go through the list and choose a gym that suits your needs perfectly.  Islamabad is one of the best places to live in. Beside beautiful sights, all facilities are available in Islamabad like top universities, the best schooling systems, health care facilities, and the best shopping malls and eateries. Staying is not a problem in the capital because there are some amazing yet affordable hotels in Islamabad and the best guest houses in Islamabad.

If you still have questions regarding the topic, leave a message in the comments section below and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Stay safe, stay healthy!