Best Housewarming Gift Ideas

Moving into a new house is no less than a life-changing experience. To ease this change, small acts of kindness by others such as housewarming gifts can make it worth moving.

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Switching homes can be daunting as you wave goodbye to memories of your past home, and welcome yourself to a new place with new people.
For those moving into a new home, you can help relieve the stress of packing and unpacking by getting them a housewarming gift.

In case you need ideas on what exactly to give and how to choose amongst housewarming gifts, – Pakistan’s smartest property portal, brings you a detailed list of ideas.


Brilliant Housewarming Gift Ideas to Choose From

Housewarming gifts like an indoor plant, a wall-hanging, painting, or a vase are excellent presents which you can give to someone who just moved into a new place.
However, it can be difficult to choose just the right gift for someone, especially to be taken as a housewarming present.

Let’s take a look at some popular options amongst housewarming gifts that you can pick from.

  1. Ceramic Diffusers
  2. Wall Hanging
  3. Indoor Plant/Herb Plant
  4. Serving Dish
  5. Succulent Pots
  6. Bathroom Set
  7. Lamps
  8. Keyholder
  9. Scented Candle
  10. China Pottery
  11. Linen
  12. Vases and Decoration Pieces


Ceramic Diffusers


ceramic diffusers in wood and cream shade


Ceramic diffusers can enhance the scent of your home and keep it smelling wonderful throughout the day. This is why these serve as a brilliant choice for housewarming gifts.

Diffusers are more feasible than other scented sprays as they automatically spray after intervals; keeping your home fresh throughout the day.


Wall Hanging


Embroidered Wall Hanging for Housewarming Gift


Abstract paintings, woven cloth pieces, or mirror work jute hanging – anything to adorn the wall can serve as a beautiful housewarming gift.
A beautiful new wall hanging can bring life to the empty walls of any new home, which is why these are an excellent gift idea to give to your friends and family.

You can choose from basic yet classy pieces to unique paintings and laser-cut mirrors that bring a modern touch to any living space.


Indoor Plant/Herb Plant


indoor plants decorated on wooden shelves


Indoor plants require less sunlight and water; thus making them an excellent choice to be gifted as a housewarming present. These small plants elevate the look of the new home’s interior by adding a natural touch.

You can opt for indoor ones or even gift herbal plants to adorn the new kitchen with. Small herbs like coriander and mint beautify the kitchen as well as bring a fresh fragrance to the cooking space.


Serving Dishes


Serving dish for appetizers


If your friend or family member is moving into a new home, consider buying serving dishes for them. Serving dishes are excellent for that friend who loves hosting dinners and cooking food.

You can opt to buy a unique piece that will add to their collection. Serving dishes is not only a great housewarming gift but is also a very affordable option.


Succulent Pots


succulent pots as housewarming gifts


Succulents are widely known for their tendency to remain fresh despite the lack of sunlight, water, or extra attention that plants may need.
Owing to this aspect, succulents are an ideal choice for a housewarming gift.

Since shifting into a new home is itself a daunting task, caring for new plants can be a bit draining while setting up the place.
Here is where succulents factor in as the ideal plants.

In addition to bringing in greenery, they remain fresh for longer.

Bathroom Set


bathroom set in white and gold details


Modern bathroom sets are the perfect housewarming gift that will help organise the bathroom, and add elegance to it.
Bathroom sets usually come with 3 to 4 items, such as body soap, shampoo, conditioner, and a soap dish.

These sets are available in beautiful marble patterns, ceramics, and glass with gold and silver details.
Bathroom sets are the ultimate affordable hack to incorporate a luxury feel in the bathroom, which is why they are an amazing housewarming gift that you can give.




aesthetic lamps in cream and grey

Lamps are one of the most elegant housewarming gifts that you can get for anyone moving into a new home.
Lamps bring a diffused light into the homes that create a luxurious interior and are perfect for setting up in your lounge or bedrooms.




wooden keyholder with keys as housewarming gift


Apart from the basic, homey quotes for keyholders, you can get a unique and customised keyholder as a housewarming gift.

When you get a customised gift for someone, it adds a unique value to it.
Keyholders are the first thing you typically see and use after entering the home. Hence, getting a keyholder as a housewarming gift is a great option.


Scented Candle


scented candles aesthetically arranged in different fragrances


If you’ve skimmed through a long list of housewarming ideas everywhere and are still confused about getting the best item, you can never go wrong with scented candles.

Scented candles are available in different sizes, scents, and colours, and are beautifully wrapped in luxury wraps, making them a great gift.
These candles are excellent to create that dim light effect whilst keeping your room fragrant.


China Pottery


Pastel Blue China pottery with gold details


Getting China sets and pottery might be an expensive idea, but are a great housewarming gift, especially if you’re gifting it to a close friend or family member.

China pottery comes in beautiful and intricate designs that you can get in tea sets, dishes, vases, etc. The addition of china sets in your crockery and home accessories is a brilliant idea, given the luxury that is associated with it.

If you’re looking at it from a housewarming gift perspective, instead of getting a complete set, you can simply opt for a vase.




Bed Linen as housewarming gift


When you’re setting up a home, there’s no such thing as extra linen. Linen for beds, blankets etc. are a great present to be given as housewarming gifts since they are a very common item used in all houses.

You can get comfortable and soft linen, with beautiful pastel colours and prints that bring out the interior of the room.
New linens with a new home are the perfect match; thus the ultimate housewarming gift.


Vases and Decoration Pieces


Pastel Green and Blue Ceramic Vases


Although quite basic, vases and decoration pieces are a must-have in all new homes. This is why, when you’re choosing a housewarming gift for someone, vases are an option you can never go wrong with.

Vases are easily arranged in the lounge, dressing tables, and mirrors, and adorned with flowers, which create a beautiful piece for your home.

You can also explore unique decoration pieces such as frames, or brass items to be given as housewarming gifts.

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