30 Amazing wall design ideas you can use for inspiration

An imitation of one’s self-perception – the décor of your house plays an essential role by turning it into a home. A well-decorated place trumps how a property is designed, making it a comfortable space that help one boost productivity by ensuring mental peace.

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Wherever one may live, they are sooner or later confronted by walls. Some may find peace in muted walls; some want their walls to be loud and make some noise. If you are bored of dull and bland walls and want to refresh your space, here are 30 amazing wall design ideas that can help you boost and refresh your décor by adding up to the walls.


Create a picture gallery wall

source: Pinterest

Walk down a memory lane, quite literally, by creating a gallery wall by adding photos of your family, or create an art gallery by displaying your artwork or paintings. For a more chic look, use frames of different sizes and styles to make an empty wall look vibrant and lively. 


Use a hanging fabric

hanging fabric for wall decor

                                                                                                       source: Pinterest

Hanging wall fabric not only adds a beautiful texture to the wall but is one of the easiest, instant and budget-friendly wall art.

Create an accent wall with bright colors

source: Pinterest

Choosing a darker color than other walls in the room helps catch the visitor’s attention at first glance. This gives an elegant and spacious look.

Hang elegant mirrors

elegant mirrors on wall for decoration

source: Pinterest

Hanging mirrors is an easy way to fill up the wall and get an instant wall décor. To give a more comprehensive look, place a small couch or any other piece of furniture underneath the mirror.

Freehand murals

free hand painting on wall for decoration

source: Pinterest

Freehand paint on the wall is one of the most exciting wall décors. Use vibrant colors and hand-painted on the wall with your imagination.


Large scale abstract art

large frames of abstract art frames on the wall

source: Pinterest

Large and wide frames to create abstract art is a good idea for your lounge wall. Abstract art helps in filling the space and makes the wall look artistic

Make a bookshelf

make racks on wall to store books

source: Pinterest

Adding a bookshelf on the wall serves two purposes for wall décor. It fills in the space on the wall and serves as a convenient/valuable storage place for keeping books.

Mount your television

television mounted on wall in lounge for decor

source: Pinterest

Mounting television is one of the newest trends. It gives a modern look to your lounge/room when the television is mounted on the wall, and the space is utilized smartly.


Large wall clock

displaying a wall clock is a decorative idea for empty wall

source: Pinterest 

To give your lounge a luxurious look, oversized wall clocks help. They fill in the empty wall and enhance the look of your lounge specifically.

Install floating shelves 

shelves on wall for putting small decorative items

source: Pinterest

Install simple rods on the walls. A floating shelve is one of the most minimalistic decors yet helps cover the space and puts small things for decoration.

Wall sculptures 

colorful wall sculptures for decorating a plain white wall

source: Pinterest

Wall sculptures look very artistic and make a space look complete. If the sculptures are of metal or wood, they make the wall unique.

Quotation wall art

frames of inspiring quotes on wall

source: Pinterest

Turn your wall into an inspirational wall by hanging frames with quotes that inspire you. This helps you stay motivated every time you look at the wall, and it is an excellent way of portraying the quotes that encourage you.

Hang a magazine holder

to store your magazines, mount a holder on wall

 source: Pinterest

When you have a lot of magazines or newspapers, use your wall as a storage space by hanging a magazine storage rack on smartly managing storage space.

Put a large wall calendar

large calendar on wall for wall decorating

source: Pinterest

To fill up the space on the wall, hanging a large calendar is a good idea to give your space a unique look. This goes best with office décor


CD wall

old CD's used on wall for decoration

source: Pinterest

Make a CD wall with your favorite collection to showcase your interest, give an artistic look to the room and cover your empty wall in no cost. 

Hang rugs

patterned rugs on wall for adding texture

source: Pinterest

Rugs cannot only be used on the floor; instead, hanging them on the wall is one way of giving your room a very warm look instantly with beautiful colors. 

Paste removable wallpaper

removable sticker printed wallpaper on wall

source: Pinterest

Pasting wallpaper is one of the newest and easiest ways to cover an empty wall. Wallpapers of different patterns, designs and colors are available, which can instantly enhance the look of your room. Get to know wallpaper price in Pakistan.

Mount your bike

bike or bicycle mounted on wall for decoration

 source: Pinterest

Mounting your bike is one of the most innovative ways to give an elegant look to the wall, and displaying it as an art is one way of storing it intelligently.

Neon signs

pink neon sign on the wall for a trendy look

source: Pinterest

Using neon signs is one of the newest trends for wall décor. Customizing your name or any design that you like in your favorite color makes the wall look cool and trendy. 

Mount a blackboard

blackboard on wall to write your daily tasks and chores

source: Pinterest

Mounting a blackboard will help you write down your daily chores to make your task easy. 

Use hanging plants 

hanging plant pots on wall for a green look inside your house for wall decor


source: Pinterest

Hang indoor plants on the wall to refresh your space by adding greenery to your room. Faux plants are a good idea for this purpose as they are maintenance-free.

Mount Candle sconces

candle holders on wall for a elegant and warm look in your lounge

source: Pinterest

Candle sconces are great wall hangings that give glamour to your décor with a festive look. Candle sconces are available in different styles and designs, and they go best on the lounge wall.  


Vintage posters

vintage poster on wall for an artistic look

source: Pinterest

Add a vintage poster to give your room a very classic, old and unique look to your space. It gives your room a retro style. The poster may include a quote, picture of a place or any portrait.

Display Handcrafted plates

different handcrafted plates on wall

source: Pinterest

Handcrafted plates on the wall give a very traditional and elegant look. It is one way to showcase the tradition of any culture. For example, Turkish handmade ceramic plates are often used for wall décor.

Wall graffiti

graffiti with bright colors on wall for vibrant wall decor

source: Pinterest

Graffiti walls help you add color and excitement to your room. It gives an instant vibrant touch to your wall. This idea can serve as extravagant décor for your room.

Textured or 3D wall

textured 3d wall in two shades

source: Pinterest

Textured or 3D walls are a great way to transform your room’s look. 3D wall panels are very eye-catching and serve as an excellent background for your TV or sofa background. 

Fairy lights

fairy lights on wall with pictures

source: Pinterest

Hang fairy lights on the wall to light. This gives your space a very warm look. Add your photos with the hanging lights and make your wall look elegant and beautiful in no time.

Glass wall art

glass plates on wall for decoration

 source: Pinterest

Glass ornaments are a great way for filling up a blank wall. If you want to give your space a very sophisticated look, glass wall art is the best option to decorate your room.

Hang your hat collection

collection of hats on wall for decoration

source: Pinterest

Making a hat wall is an intelligent way to store your stylish hats and decorate your wall. Hang all your hats on the wall rather than keeping them in the cupboard where no one can see them.


Make a stone wall

stone wall with dim lights for decoration

source: Pinterest

Stone walls can be used in your lounge, room and kitchen to bring warmth and tranquility to your room. Adding small lights/lamps will enhance the look and make the wall stand out more.


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