Popular Areas with Houses for Sale in Islamabad

In Pakistan, Islamabad is considered one of the top living choices by its citizens. The well-structured streets, peaceful environment, and the surrounding natural beauty of the city allow it to stand out.

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Islamabad’s emerging city centre

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It is not only famous for the scenic beauty of the surrounding Margalla Hills, but also for its lush green environment. One of the nation’s most iconic landmarks is also located here – Faisal Mosque,  the largest mosque in South Asia. Multiple houses for sale in Islamabad are available at very affordable prices.

People from all over Pakistan – belonging to different cultures, ethnicities, and backgrounds – have settled in Islamabad, hence cultivating a diverse and enriched community. 

All of these factors make Islamabad an ideal choice for your new home. There are also multiple options available at affordable prices if you are looking for a house for sale in the city.

Graana.com, Pakistan Smartest Property Portal, has compiled the best areas to buy a house in Islamabad.


Why is Islamabad the best city to buy a house in?


Islamabad Overveiw


For the past few years, the real estate sector in Islamabad has grown exponentially. The revision in the property taxes has raised the prices of plots, as a result, there has been an increase in the emergence of new housing projects.

Islamabad’s property market has always been a great place to invest in real estate. It has a good reputation for providing a decent return on investment, whether it is for residential or commercial properties.

Islamabad offers a wide range of properties to investors. The biggest perk of buying a house in Islamabad is that most structures are relatively new and have been built with modern engineering techniques.


Popular Housing Options in Different Localities of Islamabad

Below are different locations in Islamabad that are considered the best areas to buy a house in Islamabad:


1DHA IslamabadPhase 1,2
2Bahria Town IslamabadPhase 1-7
3Bahria Enclave

DHA Islamabad


Defense housing society


Located in zone V between the Islamabad Expressway and Grand Trunk (G.T.) road, DHA Islamabad is one of the most popular areas to buy a house in Islamabad. It consists of a total of 6 phases, all of which are designed according to modern urban planning. 

All phases of the society offer a secure environment and modern amenities. However, DHA phase II has emerged as the ideal location for living and investment purposes.

When it comes to investing in property, DHA has one of the highest demands in real estate as it is close to Rawalpindi Ring Road R-3. 

The standard size of houses for sale in DHA Islamabad begins frim 5 Marla, 8 Marla, and 1 Kanal.  Mentioned below are the standard prices of property for sale in DHA Islamabad.


Houses for sale in Islamabad Price Trends


Size of House Price Trends (Sale)
1  KanalRs 6.4 Crore to 8.5 Crore
8 marlaRs 1 Crore to 2 crores
5 marlaRs 60 Lacs  to 74 Lacs


Bahria Town


Bahria town islamabad

Being Asia’s largest real estate developer, Bahria Town is one of the most popular and largest residential housing schemes across the country. Bahria town is situated on the outskirts of Rawalpindi and is connected to the Grand Trunk Road (GT Road). It is a master-planned project led by Bahria town private Limited.

The town is divided into six phases which are further categorised into sub-blocks. Phases 1 to 6 are some of the earliest projects of society. These phases are famous for their unique lifestyle, excellent landscape, clean environment, and essential facilities and amenities.

Due to its high living standards, Bahria Town is widely recognised. It has its branches in nearly all major cities of Pakistan. Residents truly enjoy a luxurious and peaceful experience in the locality. Several residential projects are under construction as more people are investing in the area.

The standard size of houses in the area starts from 5 Marlas and can go up to 2 Kanal and more.


Houses for sale in Islamabad Price Trends


Size of House Price Trends (Sale)
2  KanalRs 8 Crore to 10 Crore
1  KanalRs  5 Crore to 7 Crore
10 MarlasRs 2.5 Crore to 4 crores 
7 marlaRs 1.9 Crore to 3.0 crore
5 marlaRs 1.5 Crore to 1.9 crore


Bahria Enclave


A replica of the Statue of Liberty stands on a hill overlooking the construction of new homes in Bahria Town on the outskirts of Islamabad, Pakistan


Bahria Enclave is one of the poshest and largest housing societies in Islamabad, catering to the residential needs of people of the twin cities. This housing scheme is a project of Bahria Town and was approved by the Capital Development Authority (CDA). 

It is located at an approximate 8 km (10 minutes) drive from Chak Shahzad, connecting the area to Park Road and Kuri Road. These roads are accessible from Kashmir Highway, Lehtrar Road, and Islamabad Highway.

The society has 15 main sectors and 3 sub-sectors. The name of the sectors starts alphabetically from A to P. The standard size of houses in the sector includes 5 Marlas, 8 Marlas, 10 Marlas, and 1 Kanal. 

The prices in this area vary with the sectors, amenities, location, and size of the area. However, while making a purchase, it is important to be aware of the market prices and trends. We have listed down the standard sale price trends of houses in Bahria Enclave.


Houses for sale in Islamabad Price Trends


Size of House Price Trends (Sale)
5 MarlasRs 1.65 Crore to 2 Crore 
8 MarlasRs 1.90 Crore to 2.50 Crore
10 MarlasRs  3.40 Crore to 4 Crore
1 KanalRs 6 Crore to 7.5 Crore


B-17, Islamabad


b17 entrance


Developed by the Multi-Professional Cooperative Housing Society (MPCHS), B-17 is a famous Residential Housing society in Islamabad. It is located in Zone 2 of the Islamabad territory. The urbanised sector has been approved by the Capital Development Authority (CDA).

Situated at the foothills of the Margalla Hills, B-17 is surrounded by the Grand Trunk Road and Motorway (M1) to the west. Sector B-17 was launched back in 2004 with an expanded area of more than 16000 Kanals of the Margalla Hills.

The sale of property in B-17 started at very affordable prices; however, it eventually became an overnight high-value property estate because of its impeccable development and services in the area.

It is a newly developed society providing all kinds of modernised urban amenities and facilities. The calm atmosphere and eye-catching scenery make it an ideal place to invest in.

The sale price trends vary within the sector and depend on the location, size of the property, and amenities available in the area.


Houses for sale in Islamabad Price Trends


Size of House Price Trends (Sale)
5 MarlasRs 10.35 Crore to 10.9  Crore
8 MarlasRs 10.9  Crore to 2.7 Crore
10 MarlasRs  20.5 Crore to  30.5 Crore
1 KanalRs 40  Crore to 70  Crore


This compilation of areas to buy a house in Islamabad will assist you to make the right decision. If you’re looking for more information about houses for sale or houses for rent in Islamabad, follow Graana blog.


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