How to Pick the Perfect Paint Color for Your Walls?

The thrill of coming home never changes. It is a place where worries of the world don’t matter.

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But what coming home doesn’t thrill you anymore?

It is imperative to understand the importance of setting the right tones in your house. From the spacing indoors to everything the eyes lay upon and the environment, everything within your house plays a major role psychologically, in your mood.

‘Color’ affects us in ways we may not know. Depending on age, gender, ethnic background, and climate, certain colors, variations, and tones it greatly influences our moods and our thoughts.

This is why it’s crucial to choose colors wisely when it comes to decorating a home.

Growing up or living in Pakistan, while moving into a new house one almost every time sees off-white colored walls.

The idea, over time, transformed, as colored-painted walls become the epitome of modern homes.

The use of a good color design contributes to a more positive mood.

With the promise to transform the real estate sector in every aspect, helps you understand the principles of color therapy, so you can paint your walls with just the right color. Get to know guide to color theory.

wall paint color

Principles of Color

To understand color therapy, one must get used to the general principles of it.

  1. Warmer colors, tones, and variations create an uplifting environment, whereas cooler tones implement a more calming effect.
  2. The color has to stand out to affect the mood.
  3. The importance of association with color.

The simple, yet intricate tips help set the right mood for you and your homes.

Effects of Colors

  1. Red
  2. Blue
  3. Yellow
  4. Green
  5. Orange
  6. Purple


The color of our eyes drawn first in a room is the color Red. Denoting a fiery element, the loud color represents high energy, exciting emotion, and passion.

Being used by leading fast-food brands, the color is known to stimulate the appetite.


Based on a lighter tone, the calming color possesses the charm to initiate feelings of relaxation and healing.

This color effectively helps by warding off insomnia, promoting a deeper and a night of relaxing sleep. It also accounts for balancing hyperactivity, promoting imagination, and intuitive thinking.

It helps create a soothing environment in your house.


The color that captures the happiness and communicates joyfulness is Yellow. The cheery color transmits brightness, an optimistic attitude, and promotes mental clarity.

It helps creativity through clear and upbeat thinking and helps in easing depression by encouraging laughter.


The tremendously pleasing color Green possesses great qualities, invoking refreshment and peace. By renewing balance, the harmonizing color encourages tolerance and understanding.

The refreshing color creates an efficient atmosphere and improves the vision.


The high-packed energetic color translates feelings of excitement and enthusiasm. Regarded as the color of fun and sociability, the orange color increases energy levels.


A mix of red and violet, the color purple stimulates the problem-solving areas of our brains and promotes creativity and intuition.

By balancing spirit and matter, it uplifts the mood by creating an environment that helps us gain a feeling of completeness and fulfillment.

A darker shade of purple is associated with luxury, where the lighter shade – lilac signifies calmness and helps you unwind.

Colour Walls Happy!

From influencing one’s mind and body, color stimulates both mental and physical activity.

The concept of ‘Color Therapy’ is utilized for treating illnesses, disorders, alleviating pain, addressing emotional and mental conditions, maintaining good health, and generally getting a goodnight’s sleep.

By helping you heal and relax, the use of the right color on the walls of your homes is imperative!

Here is how you can uplift the environment of your homes by using the right colors.

But first, plan your move. To set the correct tone, it is essential that you like the color liking and disliking of your family.

 1. Bedroom

‘Sleep’ – not only does sleep have a direct impact physically, but the quality of sleep also stabilizes your mental health and the quality of life when you wake up. It deeply affects your productivity, emotional balance, brain and heart health, immune system, creativity, and vitality.

wall paint in bedroom

 A goodnight’s sleep

To get a good night’s sleep, one can always paint a tone of green, blue, or purple on the bedroom walls. The calm colors lower the body temperature and set a relaxing mood that helps you to sleep easily.

Now, the tone of either of these colors depends on the shade that you associate with more. But remember to incorporate a lighter shade for a better.

Trouble waking up

Where some struggle to sleep peacefully nowadays, some beings have trouble waking up, no matter how much they sleep.

Keeping the cool effect as a priority, such people should opt for a muted yellow or orange. Both these colors signify happiness and initiate activity. Yet, not being overtly intense is essential.

If there is an association to any other color or tone, and you want to incorporate in your bedroom, you can opt for decorations pieces, bedding linen, or flowers of the desired colors, set against these light hues, to create the wanted atmosphere.

Feeling relaxed and happy is the goal

 2. Office/ Working Space

With the outbreak of COVID-19, offices have shifted to homes, which makes the environment of the house more stressful.

Want to feel relaxed yet productive, while working from home?

Incorporate red, green, blue, and yellow in your workspace.

Again, depending on your association with either of these will help you feel the way you want.

The tip, however, is not to overdo it!

All four bold colors are sure to incite activity and productivity, yet increase your blood pressure.

You can use bits of all of these, or one as a center point to direct the energy from. Get to know tips on finding office space.

painting office walls

 3. Kitchens

When it comes to kitchens, the colors that truly stand out are white, grey, blue, red, yellow, and green.

Each of these shades helps you achieve something very different for the room while creating a warm and welcoming space.

Also stated above, the warmth of the color red stimulates the appetite, making it an excellent choice.

Similarly, a warmer blue may be exciting, but not welcoming. While opting for a warmer shade, cool it down with white, grey, and/or other neutral tones to lower the intensity.

painting kitchen walls

 4. Dining Rooms

The dining room marks as being one of the most essential rooms of the entire house. It is a place where friends and family get together, to eat.

Hence, deciding on the perfect color or scheme may be a little tough.

It should be excitingly calm, intense yet equally refreshing.

Remember, selecting the right color will help bring the family together, and make the bond grow stronger.

wall paint color for dining rooms

To keep the spark going, a loud tone of yellow in the eating space will bring about the desired upbeat and warm feeling. Counter the intensity by incorporating statement indoor plants, keeping the room and moods fresh. Sparks of orange can help to stimulate the appetite, side by side, encouraging conversations.

If it’s still too loud for you, decorating a home, Wall décor, decorative shelves, scented candles, fresh flowers, funky crockery, placemats and napkins, a vase with flowers, and a suitable centerpiece could be mixed and matched together to set the mood right.

Colored Ceilings?

Look up.

Ever wondered why the ceilings are always white?

Representing 1/6th of a room, the ceiling has always been painted white to create an illusion of a larger, airy room.

Painting ceilings a lighter makes the walls feel higher, and vice versa. For some, painting the ceilings a dark color can make a room feel claustrophobic. Whereas, some may and dark color ceiling to make a room feel smaller and cozier.

Hence, it is a personal choice and preference of how one wants to tackle this situation.

Choosing a color is a very personal matter. In reality, you and your family have to live with it.

So, choose a hue that suits not only you, but your family, your lifestyle, and most importantly how you want to feel.

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