How to Travel on a Budget in Pakistan

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Every tourist wants to travel on a budget in Pakistan as they want to explore more and more places.

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Travelling is a pleasant experience as it provides them with an opportunity to witness the beauty around them. Pakistan is blessed with some of the most beautiful landscapes in the world, which attract thousands of local and international tourists each year.

Local and international tourists both prefer to visit as many places as they can during a single trip, hence, budget travelling can help them in managing this efficiently.

Local tourists who leave for tours and trips without planning their expenses, end up spending money from their savings. Hence, it is important to plan trips beforehand and set a budget for travelling., Pakistan’s smartest property portal, brings you a complete guide on how to travel on a budget in Pakistan.


Tips to Travel on a Budget in Pakistan

The growing inflation in Pakistan has increased the prices of fuel and everyday commodities to an all-time high, which makes it impractical for travellers to plan long tours. Managing resources will not only help in extending tours but also in exploring more areas.

The following are some important tips that can help you travel on a budget:

  1. Create a plan
  2. Choose cheap destinations
  3. Pack all the essentials
  4. Use the cheapest flights
  5. Book in advance
  6. Travel off-season
  7. Avoid tourist traps
  8. Search for free tourist spots
  9. Save money on food
  10. Negotiate on prices


Create a Plan


Planner on a Travel Map


The most basic mistake that most local travellers make is that they do not plan their budget. They plan tours overnight and leave for their journey with only a rough estimate in mind, which causes problems later on. So, it is always better to create a budget before travelling.

Creating a budget gives you an accurate estimate of your expenses during the trip. It will save you from cash outages or other such problems. While creating a budget, enlisting the following things will help you:

  • Total number of people travelling
  • The total duration of the trip
  • Expenses on accommodation
  • Travelling expenses
  • Expenses on food and other items
  • Expenditures on various activities

You can also add other expenses according to the activities that you have planned for your trip.


Choose Cheap Destinations

When you are planning a trip, you must keep in mind that different places will have different costs of living. In other words, some places are cheaper to travel to, while others are quite expensive. So, you need to choose areas where your money gets you a worthy travelling experience.

For instance, several cheap places in the northern areas of Pakistan can be accessed through local transport. There can also be several places near you that may be unexplored. 


Pack All the Essentials

Shopping at tourist destinations is usually expensive. Therefore, you should pack all the essentials with you. Creating a list of things that you might need during your journey will save you from the hassle of purchasing them from local markets at higher rates.


Use the Cheapest Flights

Booking cheaper plane tickets can allow you to spend that money elsewhere – maybe in prolonging your trip and visiting a few more places. 

Local travellers also have the option to travel on local transport, like on buses or trains. It will not only help them save money but also give them the opportunity of sightseeing on the way. 

Even when you have reached your destination, you should consider walking around the area to explore rather than taking cabs, etc.


Book in Advance


Flight Booking on a Laptop


It is usually recommended to book travel tickets and accommodation in advance before starting your journey as it can save travellers from any last-minute hassles – and, sometimes, a lot of money. Moreover, visiting tourist destinations during peak season can cost you more if you have not booked your accommodation in advance.

The following are some of the benefits of advance bookings:

  • It gets you the best deals and discounts on travel tickets and accommodation.
  • You can save time and money during your vacation.
  • It makes budgeting easier.
  • You can plan your itinerary more efficiently.
  • You can avail the best rooms.


Travel Off-Season | Tips to Travel on a Budget in Pakistan

Travelling during peak seasons can be the worst decision for most tourists. It can cost them 3 times more money than travelling in the off-season. As there are many tourists visiting during the peak months, it can be difficult to get the best value.

Hotels tend to charge more money for accommodation, while local shopkeepers also charge extra on everyday commodities. Travellers have no choice other than to pay the extra money, which causes them to exceed their budget eventually.

For instance, the summer season is when most visitors travel to the northern areas to escape the blazing heat. So, during this time, most travellers have to pay more to avail of better services.

On the other hand, during the off-season, there are hardly any tourists so local shopkeepers and hotels charge average rates. It is an opportunity for travellers to get the best value on their money.


Avoid Tourist Traps

Travellers are generally unaware of the local areas, including the average prices of food, travelling, accommodation, and recreational activities.

Hence, many scammers tend to target tourists by posing as tourist guides and taking money from them.

There are also many places where local shopkeepers and hotel managers try to rob you by overcharging you. Therefore, it is essential for travellers to research local rates beforehand so they can avoid such traps. 

However, this is generally not the case in the majority of tourist destinations in Pakistan. Most locals are very helpful and welcoming, and will even allow you to stay in their homes and have food with them. Some locals will readily give you a free tour of the area.


Search For Free Tourist Spots


Tourists Hiking on a Trail


You can make your travelling experience unique by also adding hidden, unexplored places to your itinerary. Most people only prefer to visit famous tourist attractions that are costlier and generally always crowded. 

However, taking a detour to less-visited places can save you a lot of money, while also giving you an opportunity to discover more. You can get a more exclusive experience of the area, unlike others.


Save Money on Food

Apart from travelling and accommodation, food accounts for most of the travelling budget. Local restaurants and food vendors generally charge higher rates, which can upset your budget. Hence, you need to have a proper food plan as well.

You can also cook your own food; there are several places in the northern areas where you can sit, cook your lunch or dinner, and have a picnic with your family. 


Negotiate on Prices


Price Negotiation to Travel on a Budget in Pakistan


For most tourists, shopping is not recommended as local shopkeepers tend to overcharge on things. However, if you want to buy anything, you must negotiate the price. You must haggle until you feel like you are getting the right price.

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