ICT administration detects around 1000 benami properties

ICT administration detects benami properties

Islamabad:      As many as 1000 benami properties have been identified in Islamabad by the capital administration.

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As a part of country-wide campaign to identify benami properties, the capital administration has managed to explore 1000 properties until now whose data will be shared with FBR.

The practice of identifying benami properties was started on the directive of Prime Minister’s Secretariat that sought lists of all benami properties from the deputy commissioners that fall under their respective jurisdictions.

The data would be shared with FBR so that the actual owners of the properties are identified and brought into the tax net; similarly, the benami properties could be registered as per the law.

The capital administration has asked all tehsildars, patwaris and other revenue officials to carry out the practice.


Number of properties in 24 sectors of Islamabad

Houses – 160,000

Shops – more than 30,000

Commercial properties – 30,000


Number of properties in rural Islamabad

Houses – 250,000

Shops- 40,000

Commercial properties – 20,000

The capital administration told media that so far only 10-15% of the total properties have been checked, and there are greater chances that additional benami properties may appear.

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