IHC Lifts Restraining Orders on Kuri Model Village Project

Kuri Model Village

Islamabad: The Islamabad High Court’s Division Bench has quashed all restraining orders related to the development of the Kuri Model Village. This decision came following the presentation of arguments by lawyer Nazir Javaid on behalf of the Capital Development Authority (CDA).

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According to details, the CDA had entered into a package deal with local stakeholders for the Kuri Model Village development on March 11, 2008. In the light of this deal, the CDA had awarded the Rihaha and Kuri areas in 2010 for the B.U. award. Some affected parties had challenged the package deal in the Islamabad High Court in 2013.

Subsequently, in 2015, this rate was quashed, but the affected parties had challenged these judgments in the Division Bench of the Islamabad High Court. The Division Bench of the Islamabad High Court issued a restraining order in this case on February 29, 2016, and prevented the CDA from any further allocation in Kuri Model Village.

During this period, other cases related to Kuri Model Village were also filed in the Islamabad High Court, which had been under consideration for the past seven years. On September 20, 2023, all these inter-court appeals were heard by the esteemed judges of the Islamabad High Court, and while delivering the verdict, all restraining orders were lifted. The CDA was instructed to commence work on the development of Kuri Model Village within one month.

Chairman of the Capital Development Authority (CDA), Captain (Retired) Anwar-ul-Haq, has emphasized the need for full compliance with the various court cases related to the CDA and their thorough follow-up.

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