IMARAT Commences the Wealth Management Course at NUST

IMARAT partners with NUST for a Wealth Management Course, equipping top professionals with advanced financial skills.

Islamabad, 25 May 2024— IMARAT Group, in collaboration with the Professional Development Centre (PDC) of the National University of Sciences and Technology (NUST), proudly announces the successful launch of the Wealth Management Course. This initiative marks a significant step forward in providing top-tier professional education in wealth management, bringing together experts and aspiring professionals to foster financial literacy and career growth.

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The inaugural session witnessed the participation of a select group of thirty-five individuals, meticulously chosen from over two hundred applicants. These trainees were selected through a meticulous process, representing top-tier candidates from leading companies and institutions, and come from diverse professional backgrounds, including sales, business development, and law. Esteemed trainers Mr. Farhan Javed, Ms. Saima Latif, and Dr. Imran Raiz Malik led the first session, setting a high standard for the program’s future.

The Wealth Management Course at NUST PDC, developed in collaboration with IMARAT Group, is designed to equip participants with essential skills and knowledge to excel in personal and professional financial strategies. The program offers insights from industry experts, enhancing investment acumen and teaching avant-garde techniques to effectively grow and manage wealth. This initiative underscores IMARAT’s commitment to empowering individuals and fostering a culture of financial literacy and responsibility in Pakistan.

Farhan Javed, one of the lead trainers, shared his optimism about the program, stating, “This course represents a notable milestone in our mission to educate and empower the next generation of wealth managers. We are delighted to see such enthusiastic participation and are confident that our graduates will play a pivotal role in shaping Pakistan’s financial future.”

Dr. Imran Raiz Malik, an external trainer, expressed his excitement, saying, “It is a privilege to train such a motivated batch of individuals. Their enthusiasm and dedication are truly inspiring, and I am confident they will achieve great success in the field of wealth management.”

Shafiq Akbar, Chairman of IMARAT Group, expressed his vision for the initiative: “Our goal is to empower as many individuals as possible. Our vision for a better Pakistan extends beyond constructing physical landmarks to building individuals capable of managing their financial futures. This course is proof of our dedication to creating a knowledgeable and financially savvy society.”

IMARAT and NUST’s collaboration has consistently yielded exceptional results, and this Wealth Management Course is no exception. By selecting candidates based on their educational backgrounds, professional goals, and values, the program ensures that only the most promising individuals are given the opportunity to become certified wealth managers. These future professionals will be instrumental in obliging Pakistanis to manage their investments, savings, and retirement plans, ultimately contributing to the nation’s economic prosperity.

NUST PDC and IMARAT Group are not just delivering education but offering a pathway to success in today’s competitive market. With initiatives like these, IMARAT is building something beyond vertical structures: a brighter, more prosperous future for Pakistan.


About IMARAT Group

IMARAT Group is Pakistan’s leading real estate and development firm, dedicated to excellence and innovation. With a vision to build a better Pakistan, IMARAT focuses on creating opportunities for professional growth and financial stability through its various initiatives and projects.


About NUST Professional Development Centre (PDC)

NUST PDC offers a range of professional courses designed to enhance skills and knowledge in various fields. By collaborating with industry leaders like IMARAT, NUST PDC ensures its programs are cutting-edge and aligned with current market needs.


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