IMARAT Group takes initiative to rehabilitate flood affectees

Pakistan is currently battling with one of the worst climate change catastrophes – unprecedented flash floods and 190% more than normal rain due to global warming. The baneful floods have taken more than 1,100 lives, including 380 children.

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The provinces of South Punjab, Balochistan, Interior Sindh, and Northern Areas have faced a major brunt of the catastrophe. 

People all over the country have come together to donate for uplifting the communities afflicted by the flood disaster in Pakistan.

However, the private sector in Pakistan can play a massive role in the rehabilitation of flood-affected areas, a responsibility that IMARAT Group, as a leading real estate company, duly recognizes and is ready to bear. is working long-term with public institutions and NGOs to help gather maximum donations and in-kind relief in the form of basic goods, consultancy services, and policy support to help the flood situation in Pakistan

In the short-term plan,, together with its team members, is gathering in-cash donations out of their own salary, recognizing the need to show solidarity with the nation in its time of need.

The team members are also collecting in-kind donations in the form of food, clothes, sanitary equipment, and so on to fill in as many shortages of basic necessities as possible. The collected donations for flood victims will be given to Army Relief Fund. 

The dangerous flood in Pakistan has destroyed more than 218k houses and damaged 452k homes. Such a massive impact of floods in Pakistan highlights the important role the construction sector can play in redeeming flood-affected areas.

Therefore,, given its constructional expertise and acumen, is offering free consultancy services to institutions working to rebuild and rehabilitate flood-hit regions.

The group will share sustainable strategies and evaluation services to enable more resilient structures and urban planning that can withstand the onslaught of future calamities. 

In the long-term, is partnering with National Disaster Management Authority (NDMA) and Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to offer support and expertise in policymaking that can mitigate future challenges posed by rapidly changing climate and resultant flash floods. 

With these strategies, aims to support the people and institutions working tirelessly to uplift flood-affected communities. Indeed, there is power in collaboration, and the joint efforts of the public, private, and NGO sectors will help the nation come through these tough times.

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