IMARAT Group’s “The Real Deal” Initiative Promises Exciting Opportunities in Real Estate

Islamabad: IMARAT Group is a globally renowned name in the real estate industry, with numerous outstanding facets that remain concealed from the general public and other communities. In Pakistan, it has established a robust portfolio and presence, catering not only to seasoned professionals but also inspiring individuals to fulfill their aspirations, transcending from an ordinary individual to a professional. Therefore, IMARAT has recently launched an intriguing campaign “The Real Deal” in the country, inviting the young leadership to become a part of it.

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Dubbed “The Real Deal,” this initiative by IMARAT aims to engage individuals interested in real estate and invites them to explore job opportunities and other valuable aspects in the United Arab Emirates (UAE). IMARAT encourages aspiring candidates to be a part of this unique venture by showcasing their qualifications through a 2-minute video along with their CV. Moreover, candidates are urged to express why they are a suitable fit for IMARAT, emphasizing their desire to contribute to the real estate sector and establish their position in the UAE.

Application Process for IMARAT’s “The Real Deal” Initiative

Prospective candidates are motivated to boost their confidence by showcasing their abilities through a brief video presentation, highlighting their skills and explaining their relevance to IMARAT. This distinctive approach empowers individuals to demonstrate their passion for working in real estate, allowing them to carve out their niche in the UAE through their talents.

IMARAT is embarking on its inaugural and first-of-its-kind hiring campaign for this country. The process is simple, requiring applicants to submit their CVs via WhatsApp to 0345 444 44 23



Sales Pitch Presentation Among Hopefuls

The Chairman of IMARAT group, Head of the Human Resources Department, and the Head of Global Expansion will judge an exhilarating sales pitch competition among the top ten selected candidates. The top three performers will undergo a 7-day sales training, culminating in a session with the Chairman of IMARAT.


IMARAT’s Office and Technical Showcase

IMARAT Group presents its offices and technical work for display, providing a glimpse into the company’s operations. IMARAT takes pride in its new technical framework and aims to empower individuals who initially perceived real estate as a mere property deal.


Visit to IMARAT Design Studio

Selected candidates will have the opportunity to visit IMARAT’s Design Studio, gaining insights into architects’ and their teams’ work. This visit will expose candidates to innovative practices and technologies within the Design Studio.

IMARAT’s recruitment initiative goes beyond conventional hiring practices, offering candidates a comprehensive and profound experience. The commitment of IMARAT to nurture talent in the real estate sector is evident, with the goal of presenting diverse and unique opportunities to individuals.


IMARAT Group is growing, both locally and globally!
As we conquer new frontiers, we’re searching for the best talent to join our team.
Think you have what it takes? Send us your CV via WhatsApp now and be a part of our exciting journey.


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