Iqra University Peshawar – An Overview 

Iqra University Peshawar, a prominent institution of higher education in Pakistan

Iqra University Peshawar, a prominent institution of higher education in Pakistan, aims to synthesise teaching and research to produce excellent engineers and business leaders, and also well-balanced human beings with strong values. Moreover, INU offers high-quality education at undergraduate, postgraduate, and MS/PhD levels in Management Sciences, Computer Sciences, Engineering, and Art & Design.

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Additionally, with an expanding campus and facilities, INU ensures a conducive environment for its talented students to benefit from modern-age technology and develop the competencies needed to face the challenges of the future. In this blog, brings you a detailed account of Iqra University Peshawar.




Iqra university peshawar
  • Civil Engineering Department 
  • Electrical Engineering Department 
  • Computer Science Department 
  • Business Administration Department 
  • Allied Health Sciences Department 
  • Media Studies & Mass Communication Department 
  • Art & Design Department

Vision & Mission  

The mission of Iqra University Peshawar is to attain a position of leadership among higher education institutions in Pakistan by providing superior teaching, conducting cutting-edge research, and adhering to global standards while fulfilling its corporate social responsibility. 

Moreover, in pursuit of its vision, the University strives to make a significant contribution to society by fostering innovation in learning, promoting research advancement, exploring knowledge across a wide range of disciplines, and collaborating with national and international partners.

This HEC recognised university is also dedicated to helping students develop crucial problem-solving, interpersonal, and entrepreneurial skills that will serve them well throughout their lives. 


Contact Information 
Phone Number +92 (91) 5822815-94 
Address Phase-2 Hayatabad Peshawar 



Iqra university Peshawar

Iqra University Peshawar offers a diverse range of programs in various departments. Additionally, the university is recognised by higher education commission committed to providing quality education and producing graduates who are equipped with the necessary skills to make a positive impact in their fields. Here are some of the programs offered at Iqra University Peshawar: 


Department of Civil Engineering 

The Department of Civil Engineering offers various undergraduate and graduate programs that prepare students for a career in the field.  Also, the programs offered are:  

  • BSc Civil Engineering (4 years) 
  • BSc Civil Engineering Technology (4 years) 
  • MS Civil Engineering (2 years) 
  • PhD Civil Engineering* (as per HEC criteria) 

Department of Electrical Engineering 

 The Department of Electrical Engineering provides students with the skills and knowledge necessary to succeed in the field. The programs offered are: 

  • BSc Electrical Engineering (4 years) 
  • MS Electrical Engineering (2 years) 
  • MS Engineering Management (2 years) 
  • PhD Electrical Engineering* (as per HEC criteria) 
  • PhD Engineering Management* (as per HEC criteria) 


Department of Computer Science 

 The Department of Computer Science is committed to providing students with the knowledge and skills needed to succeed in the fast-paced world of technology. The programs offered are: 

  • BS Computer Science (4 years) 
  • BS Software Engineering (4 years) 
  • MS Computer Science (4 years) 
  • MS Software Engineering (4 years) 
  • PhD Computer Science* (as per HEC criteria) 

Department of Business Administration 

 The Department of Business Administration prepares students for careers in business and management. The programs offered are: 

  • BBA (bachelor’s in business administration) (4 years) 
  • BS International Relations (4 years) 
  • BS English (4 years) 
  • BS Political Science (4 years) 
  • BS Psychology (4 years) 
  • MBA (Non-Business Background) (Business Background) (2 years) 
  • MS (Management Sciences) (as per HEC Criteria) 
  • Ph.D Management Sciences* (as per HEC Criteria) 

Department of Media Studies & Mass Communication 

The Department of Media Studies & Mass Communication prepares students for careers in media and journalism. The program offered is: 

  • BS (Hons) Media Studies & Mass Communication (4 years) 

Department of Allied Health Science 

The Department of Allied Health Science provides students with the necessary skills and knowledge to succeed in various healthcare fields. Also, the programs offered are: 

  • Doctor of Physical Therapy (5 years) 
  • BS Medical Lab Technology (4 years) 
  • BS Dental Technology (4 years) 
  • BS Radiology Technology (4 years) 
  • BS Anesthesia (4 years) 
  • BS Cardiology (4 years) 
  • BS Surgical (4 years) 

Department of Art & Design 

 The Department of Art & Design prepares students for careers in the creative industry. The programs offered are: 

  • BFD Bachelors in Fashion Design (4 years) 
  • BTD Bachelors in Textile Design (4 years) 
  • BID Bachelors in Interior Design (4 years)

Facilities Offered 

Following facilities are available at the university: 


Career Development Council (CDC) 

The Career Development Center (CDC) at Iqra National University provides support to students in developing the necessary skills for good job placement after graduation.  Additionally, services include individual counseling, group communication and soft skills training, CV and interview preparation, mock interviews, virtual internships, and job placement assistance. 


Student Facilities 

Iqra National University provides various facilities to its students to ensure a conducive learning environment. Moreover, the university has well-equipped computer resource centres, modern laboratories, internet facilities, and qualified faculty members. On the other hand, the campus is free from student politics and smoking and has air-conditioned classrooms.  

Additionally, the university arranges workshops, seminars, cultural and recreational programs, and visits to organisations to provide practical knowledge to students. Furthermore, the information resource centre contains more than 6,000 books and subscribes to 60 national and international journals/periodicals. Finally, the university also provides transportation facilities for the students, teaching faculty, and administrative staff. 


Sports Facilities 

INU offers a variety of sports facilities including Gym with state-of-the-art equipment, an indoor swimming pool, two tennis courts, indoor table tennis courts, and an active cricket team that has participated in provincial and national events. Additionally, INU organises a yearly T-20 cup to help students improve their skills. 


Admission and Application 

The Institute of Natural and Management Sciences (INU) grants admission to all programs solely on the basis of merit, which is determined through the INU Admission Test or SAT/GMAT/GRE/GAT scores, and the previous academic records of the applicants.

Moreover, the admission process is detailed in the prospectus provided to applicants upon request or can be found on the University website. Furthermore, in the following section you will find the application process and other rules at INU. 



Prospective students must first fulfill the eligibility criteria and submit the application form along with the admission fee. In addition, eligibility criteria may vary from program to program and can be found on the University website or in the prospectus.

Furthermore, admissions are granted only to those applicants who pass the INU Admission Test or submit SAT/GMAT/GRE/GAT scores as per the requirement of their chosen program. Finally, the final merit list is determined based on academic records and admission test scores. 


Cancellation of Admission 

If the University cancels the admission of a student, the reasons for the cancellation will be provided in writing. On the other hand, students who have been selected for admission can defer their admission for one semester by fulfilling the academic eligibility criteria and paying the admission fee. However, students who fail to meet the academic eligibility criteria will have their admission canceled. 


Deferment of Admission 

Students who wish to defer their admission on the basis of special circumstances must pay the requisite fee and are allowed to join the University in the next semester, provided they clear their previous degree and meet the University’s basic eligibility criteria within the same academic year. Moreover, fee deposited by such students will be readjusted in the forthcoming semester. 




Examinations are conducted on a regular basis at the end of each semester. Furthermore, to be eligible for sitting in the final examination, a student must fulfill the following criteria: 

  • Maintain 75% minimum attendance during the semester. 
  • Clear all dues and charges within due dates. 
  • Submit all assignments and projects before the due date. 
  • Qualify the mid-term examination (passing marks: 40%). 
  • Abide by the University code of conduct. 

Rules and Regulations 

Students need to abide by the rules and regulations of the university. The following are some of the important rules: 

  • Students must maintain proper attendance in all classes, lectures, and laboratory sessions. A minimum of 75% attendance is necessary to be eligible to appear in the final examination. 
  • The use of mobile phones in class is banned. 
  • Ragging of new students is banned and will result in strict disciplinary action, including suspension and expulsion from the university. 
  • Students must submit assignments and projects on time.
  • Smoking: strictly banned on the university premises. 
  • Any kind of misconduct, cheating, or plagiarism will result in disciplinary action. 
  • Students must abide by the dress code policy of the university. 

Finally, this was all about Iqra University Peshawar. For more information, visit 

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