Islamabad’s New Identity: Meet MARGO, the Official Mascot!

an Asian leopard cat (cheetah), MARGO embodies the Islamabad's swift advancement

More Good News from Islamabad! The Capital Development Authority (CDA) has chosen MARGO as the official mascot of Islamabad to establish a unique identity for the federal capital. The name MARGO is a combination of ‘Mar’ from Margalla and ‘Go’ representing prosperity, symbolizing the rapid progress and vitality of Islamabad.

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Depicted as an Asian leopard cat (cheetah), MARGO embodies the city’s swift advancement and modern flair, sporting fashionable sunglasses and a muffler to convey sophistication and contemporary charm, mirroring the cosmopolitan essence of the capital.

Chosen after presentations by advertising agencies to the CDA board, MARGO will be prominently displayed at key locations. These include Convention Centre, Pak China Centre, Daman-e-Koh entrance, parks, business hubs, and other areas, aiming to establish it as a symbol of Islamabad.

This initiative is expected to play a pivotal role in promoting tourism and enhancing civic pride. By serving as a unifying symbol for Islamabad’s diverse population, MARGO seeks to become an adored icon representing the collective aspirations and accomplishments of the capital.

Additionally, the mascot will carry messages promoting environmental conservation, discouraging littering, and advocating for wildlife protection, displayed at tourist sites to raise awareness on these issues.

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