Joint session of Parliament passes 6 bills for Islamabad

ISLAMABAD: The joint session of Parliament passed six bills related to Islamabad, including the Rent Restriction Amendment Bill.

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Special Assistant to the Prime Minister (SAPM) on Capital Development Authority Affairs presented the Rent Restriction Bills.

“The amended laws require every agreement between a landlord and a tenant to be handed to the controller for record-keeping. Cross checks or an official receipt are required for all payments relating to the tenancy agreement. Unless the parties agree otherwise in writing, the rent of residential and non-residential buildings will automatically increase by 10 per cent each year. It also stated that there should be a mediation council for dispute resolution by the Islamabad Chamber of Commerce president or his nominee,” read the statement of the bill.

The bill safeguards the interests of both – tenants and landlord, told the SAPM.

Apart from this, the session approved the University of Islamabad Bill, 2020 and the Food Safety and Rent Restriction Bill.


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