Kashmir Chowk Roundabout to have dancing fountain: CDA

ISLAMABAD: On Friday, the Capital Development Authority (CDA) decided to install a dancing fountain at Kashmir Chowk Roundabout to add an aesthetic touch to the capital city.

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CDA Chairman, Aamer Ali, approved a 3D representation of the cybernetic (dancing) fountain in today’s meeting.

The concerned departments would float tenders once the requisite budget had been finalized.

CDA’s environment wing also briefed the Chairman on other city beautification projects.

As per CDA Chairman’s directions, the Federal Apex Agency had also installed a multitude of dancing fountains at various locations in the federal capital.

The fountains come with a soothing sound note, with a picturesque display for the passers-by, and also feature laser lights that grant it a 3D outlook.

Additionally, colorful lights in various intersections of the capital city had been installed.

Furthermore, Capital Development Authority (CDA) focused on renovating the landscape at various intersections and avenues to amplify Islamabad’s grandeur. CDA had also installed flower towers in all major intersections and entry points.

In totality, the environment wing received orders to both revitalize the landscape at strategic locations and install decorative elements to enhance the city’s beauty.

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