KP government utilizes only half of the FY 2018-19 ADP funds


Peshawar: According to the Annual Development Programme (ADP) expenditures in the financial year 2018-19, only 55 percent form a total of Rs188 billion have been used by the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (K-P) government. Funds marked for rural development and poverty reduction were not utilized.

Uptil June 30. Rs2.14 billion had been used by the agriculture department, Rs180 million by minority and religious affairs, Rs240 million for Board of Revenue (BOR), Rs550 million for buildings department, Rs16.5 billion by district development programmes, Rs2.88 billion were spent on water supply schemes, and Rs9.85 billion were utilized by primary and secondary education department. Additional Rs180 million were spent by power and energy departments, Rs5 million by environment, Rs30 million by excise and taxation, Rs410 million by finance department, Rs310 million by food, Rs2.38 billion by forest, Rs6.22 billion by health, Rs1.18 billion by interior affairs, Rs1.22 billion by industry department while Rs10million were spent by the information department. Labor on the other hand spent Rs10 million, law and justice utilized Rs900 million and the LG spent Rs5.85 billion. An amount of Rs860 million was spent by the relief and rehabilitation department, Rs13.73 billion by the communication and works, Rs160 million by the social welfare, Rs1.4 billion by special programmes, Rs1.52 billion by the sports and tourism, Rs98 million by science and technology, Rs7.9 billion of a total of Rs39 billion by the transport department.

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