Lahore task force reviews boundaries of tehsils, districts

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LAHORE: A meeting of the Punjab Task Force presided over by Provincial Minister for Law, Parliamentary Affairs and Social Welfare Raja Basharat was held at the Civil Secretariat to review the boundaries of tehsils and districts in the province.

The meeting assessed the division of new districts and tehsils while also discussing the established procedures and rules for the process in Punjab.

Subsequently, the officers deemed it necessary to revise the boundaries of areas constituting a disproportionate population since the quantifiable date of some tehsils is clearly more so than that of other districts whereas the population of some districts was less than tehsils that of their respective tehsils.

In this regard, the additional chief secretary stated that the proposal will be initiated for the new tehsil or district by the local administration as per the terms of reference of the Task Force.

The additional chief secretary said that according to the terms of reference of the Task Force, the local district administration would initiate a proposal for the new tehsil or district.

Furthermore, the agencies were directed by the law minister to consider the needs and facilities of the local population.

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