LDA announces Land Use Rules 2020

LAHORE: The Lahore Development Authority (LDA) has introduced LDA Land Use Rules 2020, dividing the land into 10 classes, to promote a planned framework for land usage in the city.

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The divided land includes residential, commercial, industrial, institutional, mixed-use, open space and recreational, peri-urban, special development zone, agriculture and notified area, which has further been classified under three broad categories of permitted use, permissible use and prohibited use.

As per the new rules, land in a residential area is permitted to be used for the construction of houses, apartment building, playground and parking graveyard, old age homes or orphanage, horticulture nurseries, urban farms, and urban forest.

The permissible use of land in residential areas allows the development of a corner. neighbourhood or convenience shop, daycare centre, pre-school, primary and junior school, coaching centre or academy for educational purpose, secondary and higher secondary schools, rehabilitation centre, community centre or dispensary, indoor sports facility, or club, guest house, place of worship, ATM and poly-clinic.

Development of a parking plaza or parking site, diplomatic enclave or diplomatic office, area development project, college and university, library, government or semi-government office or hospital also fall under the permissible to use category.

The authority has permitted land in the commercial area to be used for the construction of a multi-storey building, residential apartment, technical and vocational institution, mixed-use building, for entertainment purposes including cinema, Cineplex or multiplex, theatre, auditorium, concert hall, exhibition hall or cultural institution, shopping mall, departmental store, or a group of shops.

A court or tribunal can also be developed on commercial land, comprising the land not less than two-Kanal.

The permissible use for land under industrial area includes cottage, light or medium industry, heavy or large industry, industrial park or estate, warehouses, storage or distribution centres; allowing building material store; cold storage and ice factory, petrochemicals, petroleum and gas products storage or warehouse, loading and unloading spaces.

Development of Public welfare offices including police station, fire station and post office; bank or ATM, industrial research institute, treatment or recycling plant, grid station, power plant, incineration plant, vocational training institute, and urban forest areas have also been permitted.

The permissible uses of land under industrial areas include petrol pump, gas station, LPG or LNG storage or filling station; essential residential, commercial, health and educational facility for workers or employees, oil depot. Restaurants, hospitals, auto workshop, service garage and service stations.

LDA has prohibited the use of land for storing, packing, pursing, cleaning, preparing, and manufacturing of blasting powder, ammunition, fireworks, gun powder, sulphur, mercury, gases, nitro-compounds, phosphorous, dynamite, explosives, bombs or any other obnoxious or hazardous material purposes.

The Land Use Regulations under the Land Use Rules 2020 were formulated after taking the considerations of various town planners, housing scheme developers, businessmen, architects, lawyers and journalists.


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