LDA finalises first phase of tenders for constructing 4000 apartments

LDA finalises

LAHORE: Lahore Development Authority (LDA) has finalised the mechanism for opening the first phase of tenders for constructing 4000 apartments.

According to the details, the tenders are being floated for the contractors in different phases.

For building 960 apartments two tenders were floated on February 10, three tenders for 768 apartments were released on February 13, while, three tenders were opened on February 17 for the construction of 384 apartments.

The price of an apartment of 650sqft is fixed at Rs2.7mn which can be acquired after paying a down payment of 10%. The remaining amount is to be paid in installments after the possession of the apartment has been taken.

The procedure pertaining to the tenders is being monitored by the Governing Body of LDA.

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