LESCO: Function and Operation 

LESCO, also known as the Lahore Electric Supply Company, plays a pivotal role in ensuring that customers of all types (homes, businesses, and industries) across Lahore and its surrounding areas have access to a steady electricity supply, making it the backbone of Pakistan’s power distribution network.

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In this blog, Graana.com will delve into the LESCO history, operations, challenges, and innovations, providing you with a comprehensive understanding of essential utility company.

Furthermore, you will get to know about its role in shaping the lives of millions in centre of Punjab. Join us on this electrifying journey as we explore the world of LESCO and its impact on the daily lives of residents and businesses. 


LESCO’s Vision and Mission

For better understanding of company operations and its values, it is important for public to know about the vision and mission of LESCO.



Lahore Electric Supply Company (LESCO) WAPDA has set its sights on becoming one of Pakistan’s top-performing electric distribution companies by the year 2023. The vision underscores LESCO’s unwavering commitment to delivering exceptional service and playing a substantial role in shaping Pakistan’s national electricity landscape. 



LESCO’s core mission revolves around the reliable, secure, safe, and environmentally responsible distribution of electricity while maintaining cost-effectiveness. The mission acts as the guiding principle for the day-to-day operations of the company, highlighting its dedication to meeting customer needs and prioritising sustainability and operational efficiency. 


Core Values


LESCO logo over image of power lines


Let discuss the core values of this top performing electric distribution company. Let’s have a look. 

  • Customer Commitment: At the heart of LESCO’s values lies a steadfast dedication to providing electricity services of the utmost quality and excellence. Every interaction with customers is characterised by professionalism, ensuring that all business actions align seamlessly with customer requirements. 
  • Employee Engagement: LESCO places great importance on fostering a positive workplace culture that treats employees with respect and dignity.  This approach extends to recruiting, developing, and retaining skilled personnel. Employee achievements are recognised and rewarded, it acts as a source of motivation and encouragement among employees. The company actively encourages empowerment and open communication channels to unlock the full potential and contributions of its workforce, all while ensuring a safe and hygienic work environment. Promotions and incentives strictly adhere to government policies and receive approvals from the Board of Directors. 
  • Teamwork and Trust: LESCO promotes a collaborative work environment that encourage employees to participate in decision-making processes aligned with common business objectives. 
  • Pursuit of Excellence: The pursuit of excellence is deeply ingrained in LESCO’s culture. The company strives to uphold the highest standards in its daily operations, ensuring consistent quality and performance in all aspects of its work. 
  • Ethical Behaviour & Integrity: LESCO conducts its business with the utmost ethical and moral standards, fostering trust and integrity in all its activities. 

These core values form the foundation of LESCO’s journey to become a leading electricity distribution company driven by a commitment to serve its customers, empower its employees, and uphold the highest standards of ethics and excellence within the energy sector. 


LESCO’s Operational Area 


map of lesco operational areas


LESCO’s operational area encompasses the Civil Districts of Lahore, Kasur, Okara, and Sheikhupura. 


Organisational Structure 

 LESCO is organised into various operational units to efficiently manage and distribute electricity services. These units are as follows: 


Operation Circles

  1. North Lahore Circle: This circle is divided into six divisions and comprises 31 sub-divisions.
  2. Central Lahore Circle: The Central Lahore Circle comprises 7 divisions and 32 sub-divisions.
  3. Eastern Lahore Circle: With 4 divisions and 23 sub-divisions, the Eastern Lahore Circle plays a crucial role in LESCO’s operations.
  4. Okara Circle: The Okara Circle is comprising of 5 divisions and 23 sub-divisions.
  5. South-Eastern LHR Circle: This circle includes 6 divisions and 27 sub-divisions, contributing to the efficient distribution of electricity.
  6. Sheikhupura Circle: With 4 divisions and 18 sub-divisions, the Sheikhupura Circle serves its designated area effectively.
  7. Kasur Circle: The Kasur Circle is divided into 5 divisions and 30 sub-divisions, ensuring reliable electricity distribution.
  8. Nankana Circle: This circle comprises 4 divisions and 16 sub-divisions, catering to the electricity needs of its region.


Specialized Circles

  • Project Construction Circle: This circle is divided into 6 divisions and 20 sub-divisions, focusing on construction-related activities. 
  • G.S.O. (General Services and Operations) Circle: The G.S.O. Circle is organised into 3 divisions, handling general services and operational functions within LESCO. 

The organisational structure allows LESCO to manage its operations efficiently, ensuring the reliable distribution of electricity across its operational area. 


Achievements of LESCO


Power lines


Lahore Electric Supply Company (LESCO) has achieved several milestones and implemented key initiatives aimed to improve its service quality and efficiency. 

  • One Window Service Facility: It has introduced a one-stop service facility at each Subdivision.
  • LESCO Call Center: The establishment of a LESCO Call Center has enabled customers to access assistance and information easily.
  • Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) System: LESCO has implemented an Enterprise Resource Planning system.
  • Computerized Customer Service Centers: LESCO has set up Computerised Customer Service Centers in each operational Circle.
  • Mobile Customer Service: To enhance customer convenience further, LESCO offers Mobile Customer Service.
  • Restructuring of Circles, Divisions, and Sub-Divisions: LESCO has undertaken a restructuring process to optimise its organisational structure.
  • Positioning of Field Offices: Field offices have been strategically positioned near the geographic centres of their jurisdiction.
  • Billing Transparency: LESCO prints 12 months of billing details on bills.
  • Uniform Policy for Detection Bills: A well-defined and uniform policy for detection bills has been established.
  • Increased Allocation for Development and Maintenance: LESCO has allocated additional resources for the development and maintenance of its infrastructure. 
  • Expanded Bill Collection Points: More branches of scheduled banks and post offices have been authorised to collect bills.
  • Model Sub-Divisions: It has created Model Sub-Divisions to set benchmarks for service quality and efficiency. 
  • Stores Restructuring: The restructuring of stores has been undertaken to ensure the prompt availability of materials and equipment required for maintenance and operations. 
  • Marketing Cell and Task Force: It has established a Marketing Cell and Task Force at its headquarters to facilitate industrial and commercial consumers. 




What is LESCO, and what is its primary role?

LESCO is the Lahore Electric Supply Company, responsible for the distribution of electricity in Lahore, Kasur, Okara, and Sheikhupura. Its primary role is to provide a steady supply of electricity to these areas. 

How can I contact LESCO for inquiries or assistance? 

You can reach it through the customer service helpline, visit the customer service centres, or use their official website and mobile app for various services. 

What are LESCO’s operating hours for customer service? 

This typically operates during regular business hours, but they may have extended hours or emergency services for power-related issues. Check their website or contact their helpline for more information. 

How can I pay my LESCO electricity bill? 

It offers multiple bill payment options, including online payment through their website or mobile app, authorised bank branches, post offices, and mobile bill payment services. 

What should I do in case of a power outage or electricity-related emergency? 

You can report power outages and emergencies to it’s helpline or through their mobile app. They will dispatch technical teams to address the issue. 

How can I request a new electricity connection or transfer an existing one? 

To request a new connection or transfer an existing one, you should visit the nearest customer service centre and follow their guidelines and requirements. 

What measures has LESCO taken to improve billing transparency? 

This has introduced measures such as printing 12 months of billing details on bills to enhance billing transparency and help customers keep track of their electricity usage. 

Is load shedding still practiced in LESCO’s operational areas? 

This, like other power distribution companies, aims to minimise load shedding. However, it’s essential to check LESCO’s website or contact them for the most up-to-date information on load shedding schedules. 

How does it address complaints and grievances from customers? 

It has an established system for addressing customer complaints and grievances. You can file complaints through their website, customer service centres, or helpline. 

What initiatives has it undertaken to promote energy efficiency and sustainability? 

This has introduced various initiatives, such as the Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system and mobile customer service, to enhance operational efficiency and promote sustainability in its operations. 

This is all you need to know about LESCO, for more information on similar blogs like how to check electricity bill online, visit Graana.com. 

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