List of Jhang Postal Codes 

Heer Ranjha Tomb at Jhang

Navigating through urban and rural landscapes undoubtedly demands a reliable reference to discern those numerical signposts that simplify mail distribution and geographical identification. Whether engaged in dispatching post, receiving parcels, or embarking on localised adventures, a well-organised compilation of Jhang’s postal codes proves invaluable.

Within this blog, discover an orderly and current compendium of these essential codes, poised to deftly streamline your postal communication and expedition endeavours. Embark on this exploration to decode Jhang’s regions with precision. 


Uses of Postal Codes 

Postal codes, also known as ZIP codes, play a pivotal role in modern society, offering a range of indispensable functions that streamline communication, logistics, and geographical referencing. These numeric identifiers serve as virtual signposts, guiding various aspects of daily life. Some key uses of postal codes include:  

  • Efficient Mail Delivery: Postal codes are essential for accurate mail sorting and delivery. By designating specific areas with unique codes, postal services can swiftly and accurately route mail to its intended recipients, reducing delays and ensuring timely delivery. 
  • E-commerce and Online Transactions: In the realm of e-commerce, postal codes are crucial for determining shipping costs, estimating delivery times, and ensuring successful delivery to customers’ doorsteps. Online shoppers input postal codes to access localised information about product availability, delivery options, and taxes. 
  • Statistical Analysis: Postal codes are valuable tools for gathering demographic and market data. Researchers and businesses use these codes to analyse consumer behaviour, population distribution, and market trends, aiding in strategic decision-making. 
  • Urban Planning and Infrastructure Development: City planners and government agencies use postal code data to understand population distribution and plan infrastructure projects effectively. This includes zoning, transportation networks, and the allocation of resources to different regions. 
  • Census and Surveys: Government agencies and research institutions use postal codes to collect data for censuses, surveys, and studies. This data helps shape policies, allocate resources, and analyse various socioeconomic factors. 
  •  Geographical Information Systems (GIS): Geographic Information Systems rely on postal codes to create interactive maps and visualise spatial data. This technology is utilised in fields like urban planning, environmental management, and transportation analysis. 
  •  Tourism and Hospitality: The travel and tourism industry uses postal codes to guide tourists to attractions, accommodations, and services. Travelers can accurately locate hotels, restaurants, and points of interest based on these codes. 


Table of Jhang Postal Codes 


Area Name 

Postal Code 
Ahamed Pur Sial 


Atharan Hazari 



Chak 175 /JB 

Chak 490 


Chenab Nagar 



Chund Bharwana 

Dhill Bagh 


Garh Maha Raja 

Haveli Bahadur Shah 


Jamia Ashrafia 

Jhang GPO 


Kaki Nao 

Kot Shakir 



Nawazish Naghar 


P.A.F. Base Rafiqi Shor Kot 

P.A.F. Colony Shor Kot 


Rudo Sultan 

Shah Jewana Mandi 


Shah Jewna City 

Shor Kot Cantt. 


Shor Kot City 






aerial view of masjid and darbar maulana saddar jhang

What is a postal code? 

A postal code, also known as a ZIP code, is a numerical code assigned to specific geographic areas. In Jhang, these codes play a crucial role in ensuring accurate and efficient mail sorting and delivery. They also help in identifying different neighbourhoods, localities, and regions within the city. 


How are Jhang’s postal codes structured?

 Jhang’s postal codes consist of a series of digits that uniquely identify different areas. Each code corresponds to a specific location, allowing postal services and other systems to accurately route mail and packages. 


Can I use a postal code to find a specific location in Jhang?

Yes, absolutely. Postal codes are often used to identify and locate specific areas in Jhang. By inputting the correct postal code, you can easily navigate to a particular neighbourhood, business, or residence. 


Are postal codes only used for mail delivery?

 No, postal codes have a range of uses beyond mail delivery. They are used for purposes like emergency response, urban planning, statistical analysis, online shopping, and more. They provide valuable data for businesses, researchers, and government agencies. 


How can I use postal codes for e-commerce purposes?

In e-commerce, postal codes help determine shipping costs, estimated delivery times, and product availability. By entering your postal code during online checkout, you can receive accurate information about delivery options and costs for your specific location. 


Can I target specific areas for marketing campaigns using postal codes?

 Yes, businesses often use postal codes to target specific demographics for their marketing campaigns. This allows companies to tailor their advertisements to particular regions, increasing the effectiveness of their marketing efforts. 


How do postal codes contribute to emergency response?

 During emergencies, such as accidents or natural disasters, emergency services use postal codes to locate the affected areas quickly. This enables them to dispatch help and resources to the right places in a timely manner. 

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