List of Larkana Postal Codes  

The intricate web of streets and localities within any city unveils itself effortlessly with the power of these numerical codes. Whether it’s dispatching heartfelt letters, anticipating the arrival of parcels, or simply immersing yourself in the dynamic tapestry of Larkana, the city’s Postal Codes are your guiding stars. In this blog, you’ll find a meticulously compiled and updated compilation of these codes, meticulously organised to streamline your postal correspondence, digital transactions, and geographical explorations. Embark on the journey as dive into the intricacies, simplifying your interactions with Larkana’s diverse neighbourhoods and urban enclaves, each distinguished by its own unique postal code. 

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Significance of Postal Codes 


  • Efficient Mail Delivery: Postal codes ensure accurate sorting and timely delivery of mail by directing it to specific geographical areas. 
  • Geographical Identification: They provide a standardised way to identify and locate different neighbourhoods, towns, and regions. 
  • Logistics Optimisation: Postal codes aid logistics companies in planning efficient routes for package delivery and transportation. 
  • Emergency Response: First responders use postal codes to quickly locate and reach affected areas during emergencies and disasters. 
  • Data Analysis: Postal codes offer valuable data for demographic studies, market analysis, and resource allocation. 
  • E-commerce Accuracy: They help e-commerce platforms estimate shipping costs, delivery times, and product availability based on location. 
  • Urban Planning: Postal codes assist city planners in understanding population distribution and developing urban infrastructure. 
  • Targeted Marketing: Businesses use postal codes to tailor marketing campaigns to specific regions and demographics. 
  • Navigation: GPS and mapping services integrate postal codes for accurate navigation to precise locations. 
  • Cultural Identity: Some postal codes may reflect historical, cultural, or regional aspects, adding to the identity of certain areas. 
  • Global Standardisation: Postal codes facilitate international communication by providing a universal addressing format. 
  • Address Accuracy: They reduce errors in addresses, ensuring mail and packages reach the correct recipients. 
  • Spatial Analysis: Geographic Information Systems use postal codes to create maps and analyse spatial relationships. 
  • Online Transactions: For online orders, postal codes help verify payment and shipping information, preventing fraud. 
  • Resource Allocation: Governments use postal codes to allocate resources, plan services, and develop policies based on geographic areas. 
  • Tourism and Travel: Tourists use postal codes to locate accommodations, attractions, and services in unfamiliar areas. 


Table of Larkana Postal Code of Pakistan 


Area Name Postal Code 
Arzi Bhutto 77280 
Badah 77010 
Bahram 77260 
Bakrani Village 77110 
Bangul Dero 77400 
Ber 77220 
Bero Chandio 77200 
Cadit College, Larkana 77062 
Chak Yani 77320 
Chandka Medical College Larkana 77170 
Dokri 77060 
Gaji Khuhawar 77030 
Garelo 77120 
Gather 77212 
Ghari Khuda Bux Bhutto 77340 
Hayder Jatoi 77100 
Kambar 77210 
Khairpur Joso 77240 
Lalu Raunk 77250 
Larkana GPO 77150 
Lashari 77390 
Mena 77410 
Miran Machi 77214 
Miro Kahn 77270 
Moenjodara 77070 
Naodero 77360 
Nasirabad Larkana 77020 
Pir Bux Bhutto 77370 
Rato Dera 77380 
Shahdad Kot 77300 
Waggan 77230 
Warah 77040 


FAQs On Larkana Postal Code of Pakistan 


  1. What are postal codes, and why are they important in Larkana?

Postal codes, also known as ZIP codes, are numeric codes assigned to specific geographical areas. In Larkana, these codes play a vital role in accurately sorting and delivering mail and packages, as well as identifying different neighbourhoods and locations. 


  1. How do postal codes work in Larkana?

Each area in Larkana is assigned a unique postal code. When sending mail or packages, these codes help postal services direct items to their intended destinations, ensuring efficient delivery. 


  1. Can I use a postal code to find a location in Larkana?

Absolutely. Postal codes serve as a valuable tool for locating addresses, businesses, and landmarks within Larkana. By entering the correct postal code, you can easily pinpoint specific areas. 


  1. Are postal codes only used for mail delivery in Larkana?

No, postal codes have a broader range of applications. They are essential for emergency response, logistics, data analysis, e-commerce, urban planning, and targeted marketing. 


  1. How can businesses benefit from postal codes in Larkana?

Businesses can use postal codes to optimise logistics, target specific areas for marketing campaigns, and analyze market demographics. For e-commerce, they help estimate shipping costs and delivery times. 


  1. Can I rely on postal codes for emergency situations in Larkana?

Yes, postal codes play a crucial role in emergency response. First responders can quickly locate and reach affected areas during emergencies and accidents using postal codes. 


  1. How often are postal codes updated?

Postal codes may be updated periodically to accommodate changes in urban development or population distribution. Refer to official sources or local postal authorities for the latest information. 


  1. Can I use a postal code for navigation using GPS or mapping services?

Certainly, many GPS and mapping services integrate postal code information for precise navigation. Entering a postal code can guide you to specific locations within Larkana. 


  1. Where can I find a complete list of Larkana’s postal codes?

You can find a comprehensive list of Larkana’s postal codes from official postal services, websites, or local directories. These lists offer accurate and updated postal code information. 


  1. Is there any historical or cultural significance?

While primarily functional, some postal codes may reflect historical, cultural, or regional aspects, adding a unique identity to specific areas within Larkana. 


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