List of Nawabshah Postal Code 

Situated in the centre of Sindh, Nawabshah is a city that carries a blend of historical significance and contemporary development. As you navigate the modern landscape of communication and mail, postal codes emerge as crucial tools for efficient delivery. In this blog, will delve into the world of Nawabshah’s postal codes, shedding light on their role in streamlining mail distribution within the city and beyond.

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Whether you’re a resident, a curious traveler, or someone interested in understanding the local addressing system, this blog aims to provide valuable insights into Nawabshah’s postal framework. 


Importance of Nawabshah Postal Code 

Following points highlit the significance of Nawabshah postal codes:


Efficient Mail Delivery

Nawabshah’s postal codes are like special addresses for different parts of the city. These codes ensures that when you send letters or packages, they reach the right places on time. Including the correct postal code on our mail helps postal workers know exactly where to deliver it. It speeds up the process and reduces the chances of mix-ups. 


Accurate Location Identification

Think of postal codes as location markers. They help us find places easily. If you know the postal code of a place in Nawabshah, you can use it to get directions. It’s like a secret code that guides us to the right spot. 


Smart Mail Sorting

Postal workers have a lot of mail to handle every day. Postal codes help them sort the mail more efficiently. They group together letters and packages that are going to the same area. This makes their job easier and ensures our mail gets to us faster. 


Online Shopping and Deliveries

For online shopping websites in Pakistan, the postal code becomes very important. It’s like a key that tells the delivery people where you live. Including the right postal code ensures that the orders reach accurately and on time. 


Help During Emergencies

In emergencies, like when you need medical help or assistance from the police, the postal code plays a role. It helps emergency services quickly locate where you are so they can reach us faster. 


City Planning and Data Analysis

Nawabshah’s postal codes also help with urban development for the future. They provide valuable information about where people live and where things are. This helps the city make better decisions about building new places and improving existing ones. 


Overall Convenience

Simply put, Nawabshah’s postal codes make life more convenient. They ensure mail gets to you promptly, help you find places effortlessly, and contribute to the city’s efficient functioning. So, whether you’re sending a letter, ordering online, or needing help during emergencies, the postal code is a small but significant part of making things work smoothly. 


Table of Nawabshah Postal Code


LayyahPostal Code 
Agriculture Institute Nawabshah67230 
Aqil Shah  67040 
Bhiria City 67320 
Bhiria Road 67310 
Bhorti 67084 
Buchari 67470 
Darbelo 67070 
Darya KhanMari 67390 
Daulatpur 67190 
Daur 67410 
Gharghochho 67360 
Goth Chaudhary Shah Nawaz 67220 
Gupchani 67510 
haberi 67420 
Jam  Sahib 67500 
Kalhora 67350 
Khan Wahan 67030 
Kotri Kabir 67010 
Lakha Road 67300 
Lalbani 67314 
Mahrabpur 67000 
Mehhran University of Engineering 67480 
Mithiani 67100 
Mohabat Dero 67060 
Moro 67130 
Mubbarik Ali Buriro 67150 
Naushero Feroz 67370 
Nawabshah GPO 67450 
New Jatoi 67110 
Noor Jhanian 67180 
Nusrat 60 Mile More 67430 
Padidan 67330 
Padidan Town 67340 
Phul 67380 
Qamarabad 67160 
Qazi Ahmed 67200 
Sadoja 67120 
Sakrand 67210 
Shadi Khan Chandio 67204 
Tando Mir Ali 67020 
Tharu Shah 67080 
Tunia Baga Shah 67034 



FAQs on Nawabshah Postal Code


a regional monument of pitcher and bowl in Nawabshah city

What are postal codes in Nawabshah?

Postal codes in Nawabshah are unique numerical codes assigned to different areas within the city. They help organise and efficiently deliver mail to the correct destinations. 


How do I find the postal code for a specific area in Nawabshah?

You can find Nawabshah’s postal codes by referring to official postal code lists, reaching out to your local post office, or using online postal code directories. 


What is the purpose of Nawabshah’s postal codes?

The primary purpose of postal codes in Nawabshah is to simplify the sorting and delivery of mail. Each code corresponds to a specific area, helping postal workers route mail accurately and efficiently. 


Can I use a Nawabshah postal code for navigation?

Yes, some navigation apps allow you to use postal codes for navigation. By entering a postal code, you can get directions to a specific area or location in Nawabshah. 


Do postal codes ever change?

Yes, postal codes can change due to urban development or administrative adjustments. It’s recommended to check for updated postal code information if needed. 


How do postal codes impact online shopping?

When shopping online, providing the correct postal code is crucial. It helps online retailers accurately determine where to deliver your orders, ensuring they reach you on time. 


Can businesses use Nawabshah’s postal codes for marketing purposes?

Yes, businesses often use postal codes for targeted marketing campaigns and analysing customer demographics in specific areas of Nawabshah. 


How do postal codes assist during emergencies?

During emergencies, such as medical situations or accidents, emergency services can use postal codes to quickly locate addresses, ensuring a prompt response. 


Are postal codes used for more than mail delivery?

Absolutely, postal codes have various applications beyond mail delivery. They assist in navigation, urban planning, demographic analysis, and location identification. 


 Can I use the same postal code for different purposes in Nawabshah?

Yes, you can use a Nawabshah postal code for various purposes, including navigation, correspondence, and online orders. The same code uniquely identifies an area across different contexts. 

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