List of NOCs, Approval Required for Project in Jurisdiction of CDA: Private Land

The Capital Development Authority (CDA) has devised a procedure for the ease of the people looking to undertake real estate development or investment in private land or any housing society, as explained by 

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The list of required documents for a project in the case of private land is as follows: 

  1. Ownership Documents: 
    1. Fard (Attested by Patwari or Tehsildar) 
    2. Aks Shajra (Attested by Patwari or Tehsildar) 
    3. Non-Encumbrance Certificate (NEC) attested by Tehsildar
  2. Preliminary Planning Permission (PPP) Letter from Planning Wing, CDA. 
  3. Approved Layout Plan. 
  4. Approval letter of Design Vetting Committee (DVC). 
  5. Approved Building Plans Letter. 
  6. Approved Building Plans vetted by the Competent Authority. 
  7. Third-party vetting Certificates: 
    1. Structural Design Vetting Certificate 
    2. Mechanical, Electrical and Plumbing (MEP Certificate) 
    3. Firefighting Certificate 
  8. Access Road Approval (In case of CDA major avenues & Astride Roads). 
  9. Approved letter from National Highway Authority (NHA) (In case of GT road). 
  10. Height Clearance Certificate from Civil Aviation Authority (if in the surrounding of Airport or to achieve maximum height). 
  11. Utilities Connection Approvals: 
    1. Approval letter from Sui Northern Gas Pipeline (SNGPL) 
    2. Approval letter from Islamabad Electric Supply Company (IESCO) 
    3. Approval letter from Water Supply System 
  12. Approval letter for Fire Fighting System. 
  13. NOCs/ Environmental Approval from Pakistan Environmental Protection Agency (PakEPA). 
  14. Building Completion Certificate.


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