List of Top Call Centres in Islamabad

Call Centres in Islamabad

Islamabad, the capital of Pakistan, stands as more than just the nation’s political nucleus; it has emerged as a dynamic epicentre for cutting-edge business operations. In recent times, the city has undergone a transformative journey. It is witnessing a remarkable surge in the establishment of call centres in Islamabad that has, in turn, redefined its economic landscape. 

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Against the backdrop of Islamabad’s burgeoning business and IT centres, these call centres have become instrumental in shaping exceptional customer experiences and propelling business growth. What adds a layer of sophistication to this burgeoning industry is Islamabad’s rapidly growing reputation as a software development hub. These development hubs are seamlessly integrating advanced technologies within the very fabric of these call centres. 

This blog by blog aims to uncover the connections between Islamabad’s booming call centre sector and the evolving software development scene. It will explore how these connections are not only turning Islamabad into a hub for top-notch customer support but also making it a go-to destination for businesses seeking innovative technological solutions.

Join us on this journey to understand how Islamabad is becoming a compelling choice for enterprises in search of both innovation and outstanding customer service. 


List of Top Call Centres in Islamabad 


List of Top Call Centres in Islamabad 


Explore the leading call centres in Islamabad with our easy-to-follow list. From established names to rising stars, this compilation highlights the key players in the city’s customer service landscape. Join us in discovering the diverse and dynamic call centre scene in Pakistan’s capital. 


Atlantis BPO 

Atlantis BPO Solutions is a leading provider of customer-centric services and software house in Islamabad, specialising in customer experience, software development, and marketing.

It is situated in the Software Technology Park I-9/3, Islamabad. With a focus on customer engagement, the company excels in acquisition, omnichannel support, and retention strategies, ensuring a seamless and satisfying experience for clients. Atlantis stands out for its meticulous approach, leveraging insights to drive brand loyalty and sustained success in the dynamic marketplace. 

Atlantis BPO Solutions sets itself apart as a comprehensive solution provider, delivering excellence in branding, lead generation, and marketing. With a keen focus on customer satisfaction, the company’s innovative strategies and omnichannel platforms enable businesses to thrive in a competitive landscape. Atlantis is dedicated to creating exceptional customer experiences, driving brand loyalty, and ensuring long-term success for its clients. 


Call Box BPO


Call Box BPO Call Centre in islamabad

Call Box BPO (CBB) stands out as a seasoned Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) company in Islamabad with over sixteen years of expertise in outbound call centre services. The company offers customised outsourcing solutions to businesses in the USA, Canada, and the UK, aiming to accelerate revenue growth, enhance functional strength, and elevate customer satisfaction while minimising costs. 

Call Box BPO is located at United Plaza G 7/2 in the Blue Area, Islamabad. CBB’s commitment to quality is underscored by certified procedures aligned with International Standards Organisation benchmarks. The company places a premium on confidentiality and privacy, ensuring absolute secrecy regarding client information.

With a diverse and talented team, including management graduates, business analysts, and domain specialists, CBB excels in providing interpretation services, inbound and outbound call centre support, direct response call centre services, B2B support, telemarketing, customer support, and data entry. 

Infrastructure-wise, CBB boasts advanced technology, robust internet and telecom infrastructure, and stringent security measures. Their state-of-the-art facilities enable them to handle outsourcing tasks efficiently, ensuring timely project delivery, cost savings, and an increase in overall business productivity. With a focus on client success, CBB stands as a reliable partner, offering a range of services tailored to meet the diverse needs of businesses across industries. 


Touchstone Communications 


Touchstone Communications Office

Touchstone Communications, a dynamic force in the professional landscape, offers a transformative career journey for individuals seeking growth and success. With a rich history spanning two decades, the company has been instrumental in shaping future industry leaders.

Touchstone Communications is based in the Evacuee Trust Complex on Agha Khan Road, F-5, Islamabad.

It has been delivering exceptional contact and call centre solutions to global enterprises. Committed to investing in the professional development of its associates, Touchstone provides world-class training, exposure to major industries, and the opportunity to work with U.S. businesses. 

The company’s vision centres on fostering business acumen among youth and young professionals in Pakistan through robust professional development initiatives. Touchstone Communications stands out as a leading employer, dedicated to cultivating talent and success among its team members.

With a strategic focus on training, in-demand software proficiency, customer service excellence, and accent neutralisation, Touchstone continues to evolve into a data-driven, AI-based enterprise.  

Operating from four facilities across Pakistan, including locations in Islamabad, Peshawar, and Rawalpindi, the company’s unwavering commitment to training and development remains a cornerstone of its success. Choosing to embark on a professional journey with Touchstone Communications intertwines one’s story of success with the company’s enduring legacy.


Ibex Islamabad 


Ibex Islamabad Office

Ibex Islamabad is a leading CX (Customer Experience) outsourcer, specialising in BPO 2.0 services for startups, scale-ups, and blue-chip companies worldwide. The company offers elite outsourced customer care, digital customer acquisition, and surveys and feedback analytics. Ibex’s interconnected lifecycle approach ensures end-to-end customer experiences through omnichannel service and support, featuring customised contact centres and performance technology.

Ibex Islamabad is situated in I-10, Islamabad. With a client-driven mission, Ibex Digital focuses on online customer acquisition. Their services include search and social advertising, digital order orchestration, and precision conversion attribution. Ibex CX excels in all-channel digital customer outreach, spanning lifecycle touchpoint outreach, real-time issue resolution, and social media monitoring.

Serving diverse industries, Ibex Islamabad is a disruptive synthesis of people, technology, and expertise. It is delivering highly customised, flexible, and scalable CX programs for dynamic brands. 


Mars BPO


Mars BPO

Mars BPO, established in August 2013 and headquartered in Chandni Chowk, Rawalpindi. It is a dynamic force that bridges the gap between brands and publishers through impactful ad campaigns. It has reached an extensive audience of over 300 million people monthly. The company, driven by a vision for a better future. Mars BPO is located near the IJP Metro Station in Islamabad.

It specializes in three core services: Contact Center, IT Services, and Lead Generation. It is offering businesses a comprehensive suite of solutions to enhance customer relationships, bolster digital presence, and achieve sales objectives.

Mars BPO is located near the IJP Metro Station in Islamabad. With a team of seasoned professionals, Mars BPO is dedicated to delivering top-tier customer service solutions. It is ensuring optimal experiences for clients and their customers.

The company’s commitment is underscored by 24/7 availability, multilingual support, and cost-effective strategies. Mars BPO stands out in the industry, providing businesses of all sizes with a reliable partner for achieving online marketing goals, effective communication strategies, and successful lead generation campaigns.


Outright Pakistan 


Call Centre in Islamabad


Outright Pakistan, a leading name in Islamabad’s call centre landscape, stands out for delivering top-tier customer service. It has a unique emphasis on both inbound and outbound operations. Their commitment to cultivating customer trust and loyalty, coupled with opportunities for the youth, underscores Outright’s significance in the industry. With a dedicated team of professionals and a supportive work environment, it guarantees a pathway to growth in this sector. 

Outright Pakistan is situated on the 3rd floor of Time Square Plaza in Islamabad. Operating under Outright LLC, an esteemed IT company. Outright offers a comprehensive suite of services. The services include customer-centric inbound support, sales-focused outbound strategies, web development, social media outreach, SEO services, recruitment, HR support, accounting, and tax advisory services. Positioned as a one-stop solution for outsourcing needs, Outright promises a great experience. 



In conclusion, our exploration of Islamabad’s call centre landscape highlights the city’s vibrant and evolving customer service sector. The presence of both established and emerging players underscores the industry’s diversity and adaptability.  

As Islamabad continues to grow as a hub for communication excellence, businesses and customers alike can anticipate great services. The city’s call centre lanscape not only mirrors its economic growth but also signifies its commitment to providing exceptional service. 

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