List of Top Rooftop Restaurants in Lahore

Lahore is a hub for historical and contemporary activities, offering not only tourist attractions but also a wide range of excellent restaurants to satisfy any culinary preferences. Listed below are 30 top-notch rooftop restaurants in Lahore, will explore these rooftop restaurants where you can indulge in delicious food while enjoying breathtaking views. 

Heights & Delights

night time view of Heights & Delights rooftop restaurant in Lahore

Heights and Delights offers a tranquil and modern atmosphere adorned with charming fairy lights, creating a serene and delightful setting.

The restaurant presents an extensive à la carte menu with a variety of delectable choices, ranging from appetising starters and soups to Pakistani and Chinese cuisines, as well as BBQ items. Special arrangements can be made for buffet service upon request. It is a perfect place to have Chinese cuisine in Lahore.


The Skye

The Skye  rooftop restaurant lahore

The Skye is a deluxe venue where you can make dinner and hi-tea reservations. It is renowned as one of the highest rooftop restaurants in Lahore, offering a delectable array of starters, exquisite salads, soups, main courses, desserts, and the option to choose a trolley item.

At The Skye, you can indulge in one of the finest buffets available for both dinner and hi-tea in Lahore



monal rooftop restaurant lahore

Monal provides a multitude of options, ranging from an à la carte menu to hi-tea or dinner buffet, as well as a Sunday Brunch Special buffet and individual platters.

People often choose Monal Lahore for their celebrations due to its picturesque setting. From its elevated location, guests can enjoy the aesthetically pleasing view of the surrounding beauty.


Maisonette Roof Top

Maisonette Roof Top restaurant lahore

Maisonette rooftop allows you to relish lunch, hi-tea, and dinner while dining under the open sky. You can also marvel at the stunning sight of Lahore. They serve a wide range of food varieties in both buffet and à la carte dining.

Live music and valet parking facilities are also available at Maisonette. Reservations can be made in advance for parties, meetings, and other occasions as needed.



Rare rooftop restaurat lahore

Treat yourself to a delectable meal at the Rare rooftop eatery, where they serve an authentic selection of perfectly cooked, mouth-watering South African steaks. Rare specialises in creating a delightful dining experience while serving the delectable T-bone steak in a charming and extravagant atmosphere.



Bagh rooftop restaurant Lahore

Indulge in an unparalleled dining experience beneath the open sky at Bagh. They offer a variety of specialties including BBQ, traditional Pakistani, and Chinese cuisines. They provide enjoyable rides for kids, ensuring a delightful experience for the whole family. This place is also a preferred choice for hosting various events and gatherings.



Oban rooftop restaurant lahore

If you consider yourself a food enthusiast and are in search of an intriguing dining venue, make sure to visit Oban hotel. They offer premium breakfast, lunch, dinner, and hi-tea buffets. Moreover, they host a special Sunday Brunch buffet for a marvellous weekend experience. Enjoy your meal on the rooftop while relishing the beautiful view of the surroundings.


Howdy Rooftop

howdy's burger image

Howdy is the ultimate destination that has been serving delicious steaks, burgers, fries, and much more in Lahore.

Now, residents of Lahore can also enjoy their favourite food items in an open-air setting. The outdoor ambiance is serene and luxurious, matching the welcoming atmosphere indoors.


Karak Khel

Karak Khel rooftop restaurant logo

Karak Khel has won hearts with its perfect blend of Eastern ambiance and flavours. It is an excellent choice for fine dining with family and friends, offering a special variety of teas to delight your senses.

They have expanded their space to accommodate more guests on the rooftop. Don’t miss out on trying their Angara Tea when you plan to visit.



exterior view of Wasabi restaurant lahore

Let Wasabi take you on an extraordinary culinary journey to Japan. Indulge in authentic Japanese cuisine crafted with original spices and techniques to deliver an unparalleled taste experience. They offer a wide selection of Bento Boxes, Sushi, and other Japanese dishes.

The ambiance and interior design of Wasabi reflect the rich Japanese culture, creating a deeper connection with the cuisine.


Cafe Beirut

Cafe Beirut night time view of the dining area of restaurant

Founded by two Lebanese entrepreneurs, Cafe Beirut is now serving Lebanese dishes internationally. Their exclusive additions to the menu include Cheese Kellage, Tabouleh, and Hummus with Meat.

In addition to these delicacies, you can find a diverse range of Middle Eastern cuisines, all served in a peaceful and inviting ambiance.


Lahori Barbecue Rooftop

Lahori Barbecue Rooftop inside view

Lahori Barbecue Rooftop offers a scenic cityscape and a vibrant open-air environment, providing a delightful ambiance for your dining experience.

They offer an extensive lunch and hi-tea buffet with a wide variety of delectable options. The BBQ range is equally exotic and packed with flavours.


Penthouse Lahore

Penthouse Lahore rooftop reatsurant

Experience an unparalleled combination of exquisite cuisine and a lavish ambiance at The Penthouse, situated in the heart of Lahore.

This venue is ideal for both official and casual dining, offering exceptional hospitality. The menu boasts a wide range of options, including American, Chinese, and various other cuisines, ensuring a delightful treat for your taste buds.



Baranh rooftop restaurant lahore nighttime view

Indulge in the rich and flavorful desi flavours that are expertly crafted into compelling dishes. Baranh, known as one of the best restaurants in Lahore, allows you to conveniently order online. Don’t miss out on their specialties, Tawa Chicken and Fried Fish, which will further connect you to the heritage of Lahore.

It offers customised meals upon special request and provides doorstep delivery for your convenience.


Junoon Restaurant

Junoon Restaurant exterior view

When it comes to the best Pakistani food in Lahore, Junoon Restaurant takes the lead. They offer an intriguing menu for dinner, lunch, and breakfast, as well as an exclusive selection of Falooda’s and other delectable desserts.

The welcoming ambiance and luxurious interior of the restaurant create an exotic and inviting atmosphere, perfect for all types of gatherings and meetups.


The Veranda

interior view of The Veranda lahore

Immerse yourself in the divine flavours of Italian, Fast Food, Continental, and other cuisines at The Veranda. Not only does this rooftop eatery offer exceptional taste, but it also creates an atmosphere worthy of appreciation.

You can take advantage of special deals and discounts offered on various occasions.


Spice Bazar

top view of spice baraaz lahore

Spice Bazaar brings together a delightful array of dishes from continental, Mediterranean, and various other cuisines around the world. With two halls dedicated to celebrations and a rooftop area for dining, guests can indulge in the finest buffet dining experience, whether indoors or outdoors.



exterior view of Haveli restaurant Lahore

Haveli Restaurant showcases captivating Mughal architecture, enriched with historical and cultural significance. It offers a diverse range of dishes, spanning from traditional and desi delicacies to Chinese cuisine, BBQ, and even fast food.

You can find Haveli at two locations, with the most preferred one being at Fort Road food street in Old Lahore. Additionally, they offer a traditional and reasonably priced breakfast option in the morning.

This is all about rooftop restaurants in Lahore. These restaurants bring have a big share in the food industry in Pakistan. For more information, visit

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