Living in Clifton Karachi: Housing, Facilities & More

Clifton is one of the most popular and affluent parts of the city of lights – Karachi. Until the British Raj era, the surrounding area of Clifton was mostly barren seashore. The area of Clifton was first developed by the English during the 19th century under British colonial rule. Currently, Clifton is one of the most expensive neighbourhoods of Karachi, owing to all of its facilities such as its prime location, state-of-art infrastructure, and comfortable lifestyle.

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In this blog,, Pakistan’s smartest property portal, brings you everything you need to know about living in Clifton Karachi.


Location of Clifton, Karachi

Located in Karachi, Sindh, Clifton comes under one of the few areas of the city that are situated near the Arabian Sea. It is situated in the southern part of the city of Karachi.

The geographical coordinates of Clifton are 24° 48′ 59″ North, and 67° 2′ 4″ East. On the northern side, it is bordered by the area of Saddar Bazaar – one of the most popular areas of the city. 75600 is the postal code of the area.


Facilities Provided in the Area of Clifton Karachi

As mentioned before, Clifton is one of the most expensive areas of the city, owing to the myriad of upscale amenities and facilities it offers.

Following are some of the amenities that ensure the advanced lifestyle of the area.


  • Convenient Location
  • Easy Access to Public Transport
  • 24/7 Security
  • Educational Institutes
  • Advanced Healthcare Facilities/Hospitals
  • Markets and Shopping Malls
  • Restaurants and Eateries
  • Sports Facilities and Parks
  • Fitness Facilities
  • Mosques
  • Tourist Attractions


Convenient Location


this is an image of teen talwar (three swords) square


Clifton is situated in the southern part of Karachi, right next to DHA. It is one of the most popular localities in Karachi where real estate investment can be quite lucrative.

Moreover, it is the only area of the city that is located near the coastline. This allows the residents of Clifton to have easy access to the mesmerising Clifton Beach. They can enjoy the sea breeze and the breath-taking view of the Arabian Sea.

In addition to that, it is located only a half an hour’s drive away from the Jinnah International airport of Karachi. Moreover, the Karachi Cantonment Railway Station and Karachi City Railway Station are also located in its proximity.
Some other nearby landmarks that add to its prime location are as follows.


  • West Wharf
  • Frere Hall
  • Port Grand
  • The National Museum of Pakistan
  • Quaid-e-Azam House
  • Karachi Gymkhana
  • Marriott Hotel
  • Pearl Continental Hotel


Public Transportation


Despite most of Clifton’s residents belonging to the upper class, the facility of public transport is still provided to them.

There are several public transport options available in the neighbourhood, including taxis, rickshaws and buses like Safari coach, and Super Hassan Zai coach. Besides that, you can also hire Uber, Creem, and SWVL to commute to other places.

Moreover, you will find a network of roads, underpasses, and bridges that connect it to the other parts of the city. Hence, travelling from one place to another is not an issue while living in Clifton.


24/7 Security

Security is one of the deciding factors before you move into a new place. The top-notch security services of Clifton make it one of the most secure and sought after residential localities of Karachi.

Due to the tight security of the area, Clifton hosts many foreign missions such as the Chinese, British, Russian, Italian, Iranian consulate, Kuwaiti consulate, and Consulate General of Switzerland.

Many Chinese nationals that work in Karachi also reside in Clifton, which is why the concerned authorities have ensured the 24/7 security of the area.

If you want to reside in a safe and secure locality in Karachi, living in Clifton would be the best choice for you.


Educational Institutes


this is an image of SZABIST university Clifton, Karachi


Another major quality of the area is that it comes with one of the best educational institutes in the city.
Many popular schools that are known for providing a world-class education to the students have their campuses in this area.

Some of the most popular schools are:


  • Convent of Jesus and Mary
  • Karachi Grammar School
  • Genesis School
  • Bayview Academy
  • Avicenna School Girls Campus
  • Hampton School
  • Avicenna Co-educational branch
  • Westminster School and College
  • Leader’s Odyssey School
  • The City School
  • British International School.


Besides schools, some of the top colleges and universities are also located in Clifton, Karachi. Here are the names of some of the popular ones:


  • College of Accounting and Management Sciences,
  • Lyceum Cedar College,
  • Bayview College, and
  • The Millennium University College
  • Sir Syed College of Sciences
  • Institute of Chartered Accountants of Pakistan (ICAP)
  • Ziauddin University,
  • Shaheed Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto Institute of Science and Technology (SZABIST)
  • Indus Valley School of Arts and Architecture

Advanced Healthcare Facilities/Hospitals


This is an image of South City hospital Clifton, Karachi


People living in Clifton have the privilege of having access to well-reputed hospitals in the city that offer advanced medical equipment and experienced doctors.

The South City Hospital is one of the most renowned hospitals in the area. This hospital is located in block 5 and offers advanced medical facilities to its patients. Another famous hospital is Hashmani’s Hospital, which specialises in the optical department.


Markets and Shopping Malls


This is an image of Dolmen Mall, Clifton, Karachi


Clifton houses some of the best shopping malls and markets in the city, meaning residents won’t have to go too far for shopping.

One of the oldest supermarkets is Agha Supermarket, where you can find almost everything ranging from groceries, electronics, medicines, cosmetics etc. Besides, there are some other superstores and markets, including Motta’s Supermarket, Chase Superstore, Diamond Supermarket etc.

Other than markets, you can also find various shopping malls in the area. Some of the famous high-end malls are Ocean Mall, Dolmen Mall, Lavish Mall, The Forum, Emerald Mall, and Park Tower. In these malls, you will find the outlets of all the luxury brands.

Moreover, there are various budget-friendly malls here as well, including Aashiana Shopping Mall, Uzma Shopping Center, and Gulf Way Shopping Center.

Restaurants and Eateries



Clifton, Karachi won’t disappoint the foodies, as it is home to some of the best eateries and restaurants in Karachi.

As per the upscale lifestyle of the people living in this area, you can find various fine dining restaurants, eateries, and cafes here.

Some of the top restaurants in this area are The East End, Bar B.Q. Tonight, The Patio, TAO, The Deli, and The Valley Restaurant. These restaurants offer their customers a menu of multiple delicious cuisines and are known for having a friendly staff.

If you want to go to some cafes in the area you can visit The Pantry, Xander’s, Coco 9 Café, Café Flo, Côte Rôtie, and Koel Café found in Alliance Francaise.


Sports Facilities and Parks



You can find various lush green parks, and sports complexes in Clifton, Karachi. The residents visit these parks to enjoy their time with family, relax, and unwind in the company of mother nature. These parks provide a serene environment to the residents.

Bagh Ibn-e-Qasim is one of the most famous and frequently visited and largest parks in the area, which happen to be located in Clifton. It is spread over 130 acres of area.

Apart from the regular jogging tracks, the parks also feature murals of dinosaurs and a turtle pond.

Moreover, there is another famous park – Shaheed Benazir Bhutto park where various festivals are held throughout the year including Karachi Food Festival, and Coke Festival. This park is located near Boat Basin, Block 5.

Besides these parks, there are a few other parks in this neighbourhood as well. Some of them are Clifton Cantonment Park, Fatima Jinnah Park, Block 3 Family Park, and Aunty Park.

Moving on to sports complexes in this area. Clifton, Karachi homes quite a few sports complexes such as the National Bank of Pakistan Sports Complex – one of the best cricket grounds in Karachi.

You can find separate squash and tennis courts here as well. Also, you can find swimming and gym places in Clifton, Karachi.

Moreover, Punjab Colony Sports Ground and Karachi United Football Stadium are also quite popular among the residents.


Fitness Facilities


This is an image of a gym located in Clifton Karachi


Clifton is the perfect place for fitness freaks as there are various gyms found in this neighbourhood. There is a long list of gyms and fitness centres in Clifton. Some of the most popular among them are listed below.


  • Cuts and Muscles Gym
  • Fitness First Gym
  • CORE
  • CrossFit in 5
  • Shapes Health Club
  • Fitstop


Besides, there are also separate gyms available for ladies. Karachi Ladies Club is one of them.




This is an image of Safina Mosque, Clifton, Karachi


In Clifton, Karachi you can find several beautiful mosques where not only the residents but also people from the surrounding areas can come to offer prayer. Jamia Islamia is one such mosque located in Block 5. About twenty thousand people can offer prayer in this mosque simultaneously.

Some other famous mosques in this area include Shamim Mosque, Moti Masjid, Madni Mosque and Boat Basin Mosque.


Tourist Attractions


this is an image of Abdullah shah ghazi shrine Clifton, Karachi


Besides being an expensive residential area full of modern living amenities, Clifton, Karachi homes some of the most popular tourist attractions in the city as well such as the Mohatta Palace Museum. It was built in 1927 and is one of the most inspiring examples Indo-Saracenic architecture.

After independence in 1947, the building of the palace served as a foreign office, and then later on in 1964, Fatimah Jinnah moved into it. Currently, the palace serves as a museum.

The shrine of Hazrat Abdullah Shah Ghazi is another famous tourist attraction in this area. On the commencement of a three day “Urs” on the 22 of Zilhaj, thousands of people come to the place to participate in the festivities.

Besides these some other popular landmarks in Clifton, Karachi includes Jehangir Kothari Parade and the historical Shiv Mandir.

Property Details of Clifton, Karachi

Owing to all the above-mentioned facilities, Clifton, Karachi is considered one of the top locations in Karachi to invest in real estate. If you are looking for a property to make an investment in Clifton, you will come across the following options.


  • Houses for Sale in Clifton, Karachi
  • Houses for Rent in Clifton, Karachi
  • Apartments for Sale in Clifton, Karachi
  • Apartments for Rent in Clifton, Karachi
  • Plots for Sale in Clifton, Karachi


Houses for Sale in Clifton, Karachi

If you are looking for a property to live in this area, your first priority would be going for a house for sale in Clifton, Karachi. The area provides numerous amenities to the residents and that is the reason the prices of the houses here are quite high.

The prices start from Rs 2.5 crore for a 200 Sq yd house and go up to Rs 29.5 crore for a 1073 Sq yd house.


Houses for Rent in Clifton, Karachi

If you want to live in a luxurious area of Karachi but only for the time being, you can go for a house for rent in Clifton, Karachi. There you will avail all the living facilities without having to purchase the property.
The prices of the houses for rent start from Rs 1.7 lakh for a 240 Sqyd house and go up to Rs 18 lakh for a 1000 Sqyd house.


Apartments for Sale in Clifton, Karachi

For those who want to buy a property here, but dint have enough budget, they can opt for buying an apartment in Clifton, Karachi. The apartments here also come with all kinds of living amenities that are provided to house owners.

Prices of the apartment for sale in Clifton, Karachi range from Rs 2.3 crore for an 1150 Sqft and Rs 6 crore for a 3500 Sqft apartment.


Apartments for Rent in Clifton, Karachi

If you are looking for a temporary living option, and that too on a budget, a rental apartment would be the best choice for you.

The apartments for rent in Clifton, Karachi range from 850 Sqft for Rs 35,000, and 2500 sqft for Rs 1.1 lakh.


Plots for Sale in Clifton, Karachi

As mentioned earlier, the amenities provided here have raised the prices of the property. So besides buying a house and a fla you can also purchase a plot here.

The prices of plots for sale in Clifton, Karachi includes Rs 2 crore for a 30 Sq yd plot, and Rs 13 crore for a 1000 Sq yd plot.

We hope that the information provided above will be helpful for you in your investment endeavours in Clifton, Karachi.

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