Long overdue development of Sector E-12 begins

Long overdue development of Sector E-12 begins

ISLAMABAD: After a passage of nearly three decades, development works in Sector E-12 have finally been initiated, starting with the construction of Service Road (North) at a cost of Rs97.107 million.

As per a Capital Development Authority (CDA) press release, 50% earth work, filling and cutting work has been executed, with the remaining earth work scheduled to be completed by February.

The terms and conditions of the contract state that in addition to the construction of the Service Road (North), the contractor will also build two culverts and a drainage system along the road.

The development of Sector E-12 has been long overdue, with allotment having taken place almost 30 years ago. The allottees were unable to construct houses on their plots due to no signs of development in the sector, a matter which is now being rectified with the incumbent management of CDA prioritising the issue.

In its 45th meeting, the CDA Development Working Party (CDA-DWP) had approved PC-I amounting to Rs6.63 billion for Sector E-12, according to which the complete infrastructure including construction of major roads, service roads, water supply network, drainage system, street lights system and other basic amenities will be ensured.

Sharing the news in a social media post, Chief Commissioner Islamabad Amir Ali Ahmed said, “After a lapse of 30 years, work has started in Sector E-12. ICTA [Islamabad Capital Territory Administration] and CDA have worked very hard for retrieving possession, resolving inquiries, settling compensations, adjudicating disputes and then getting the work carried out.”

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