LSM sector registers growth of 7.45pc

LSM 7.4

KARACHI: According to the data released by the Pakistan Bureau of Statistics (PBS), the Large Scale Manufacturing (LSM) sector depicted a growth of 7.45pc in the July-Feb period of the current FY21.

According to the details, different industries associated with the LSM sector which have posted growth include non-metallic products, automobiles, chemicals, textiles, and fertilisers.

Furthermore, the LSM index output reported growth of 4.85pc in the month of February in contrast to February 2020.

The cement and automobile sector has shown healthy growth in the month of March along with increasing remittances, increasing tax collections, and exports.

In order to increase the GDP growth of the country, the government is giving special attention to the housing and construction industry to revive the industrial growth, and strengthen the economy of Pakistan. 


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