LSM sector witnesses 16 year high growth of 14.85pc in FY 2021

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ISLAMABAD: Adviser to Prime Minister (PM) on Commerce and Investment Abdul Razak Dawood, on Monday, announced that the Large Scale Manufacturing (LSM) sector observed a growth rate of 14.85 percent in FY 2021 which is the highest in 16 years. 

The adviser, on his official twitter account, stated that the growth is attributed to the reversal of de-industrialisation that was previously in place. The present government’s pro-industry policy has been a major contributor towards the unprecedented growth rate. 

According to Razak Dawood, the growth was led by Chemical, Fertilisers, Minerals, Automobiles,  Petroleum, Textiles, Food, Beverages, Tobacco, Pharmaceutical, Steel and Iron products. 


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