Famous Markets in Islamabad: All You Need To Know

Islamabad is Pakistan’s most diverse metropolis in terms of the population makeup of the city.  The city is famous for the scenic beauty of the surrounding Margalla Hills. The city’s clean atmosphere, well-structured streets, peaceful environment, and surrounding natural beauty allow it to stand out from the rest of the cities in Pakistan.  

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A huge perk of living in Islamabad is that the city has designated areas for commercial activities known as a “Markaz” in each sector There was a time when only these Markaz would serve as shopping areas for the residents of the city.

However, over time, the Capital Development Authority  (CDA)  established new markets and shopping centres throughout the city. 

Graana.com, Pakistan’s smartest property portal, has compiled a list of famous shopping markets in Islamabad that offers everything you want to buy.


Famous Markets in Islamabad

In Pakistan, people usually prefer to shop from bazaars and local markets. Islamabad markets are located in the city centre, making it easier to get to these places. These malls and markets cater to people with diverse tastes and preferences. Mentioned below are some of the most famous markets in Islamabad.


MarketSector Timings 
Jinnah Super Market F-724 Hours
Super Market F-624 Hours
Aabpara Market G-624 Hours
Karachi CompanyG-924 Hours
Sunday MarketG-11, G-6, H-96 am – 8 pm

Jinnah Super Market Islamabad


Located in the centre of Islamabad, F-7 Markaz is one of the most popular markets in Islamabad.


Located in the centre of Islamabad, F-7 Markaz  is one of the most popular markets in Islamabad. It is also known as the Jinnah Supermarket, named after Pakistan’s founder Muhammad Ali Jinnah.

It has all of the city’s major shopping brands and restaurants, but the most prominent attraction of Jinnah Super Market is Safa Gold Mall, one of Islamabad’s largest shopping malls.

At Safa mall, you will see all major local and international brands. Because it is a little more expensive than other markets, Jinnah Super is mostly visited by the people belonging to higher socio-economic backgrounds.

You will find everything here, from well-known brands to small stalls ranging from handicrafts, books, flowers, antiques, clothes, perfumes, cosmetics, and jewelry. However, there is a chain of restaurants offering different cuisines.


Super Market Islamabad


With the majestic backdrop of Margalla Hills, F-6 has the reputation of being one of the posh sectors of Islamabad.


With the majestic backdrop of Margalla Hills, F-6 has the reputation of being one of the posh sectors of Islamabad.  Sector F-6 is one of the capital’s oldest localities, dating back to the 1970s when the capital was relocated from Karachi to Islamabad. The distance from Supermarket to Jinnah supermarket is just a five minutes drive.

People often get confused about Supermarket and Jinnah super market. To clear this  confusion, the Markaz of this F-6 sector is called  Super Market.

Additionally, F-6  sector is a residential area which is surrounded by foreigners and various foreign embassies. Moreover, due to the presence of many foreigners, the market has a range of international and local branded stores and eateries as well.

The supermarket is famous for Afghani carpets, woolen shalwars, mink coats, mink scarfs, mink hats, and antique jewelry. Along with brands and restaurants, the oldest and most famous chemists are also located in the area.


Aabpara Market Islamabad


Aabpara market is situated in G-6 and is one of Islamabad's oldest and most extensive markets.

Located next to the F-6 supermarket, the Aabpara market is situated in G-6 and is one of Islamabad’s oldest and most extensive markets. This market has a wide range of shops such as garments, consumer goods, dry fruits, kitchen essentials, sports goods, and everything else you need to run your household smoothly. 

Moreover, it is Islamabad’s most popular shopping destination, with everything available at an affordable price. G-6 was initially specifically designated for housing government employees and their families.


Karachi Company Islamabad


Karachi Company, also known as G-9 Markaz, is Islamabad's biggest and busiest shopping district.

Karachi Company, also known as G-9 Markaz, is Islamabad’s biggest and busiest shopping district. 

In addition to having a large number of banks, Karachi Company is well known for its wholesale food market, clothing stores, auto repair shops, vegetable and fruit markets, photo studios, a general bus stop for inter-and intra-city travel, and a number of other amenities. Karachi Company market has the best shops from a price perspective. 

Along with wholesale stores, the Karachi company market caters to local brands such as Outfitters G9, Nishat Linen Outlet, Levi’s Outlet Store, Servis Shoes, etc.  Everything from small jewelry to large household goods is available in the markets of Islamabad at affordable prices.

Because it is an Afghan population centre, the diverse food items are especially noteworthy, giving it a typically Middle Eastern vibe.


Sunday Bazaar Islamabad


Sunday markets, also known as Itwar Bazar, are open only on Sunday, Tuesday, and Friday.


Sunday markets, also known as Itwar Bazar, are open only on Sunday, Tuesday, and Friday. In Islamabad, there are three famous itwar bazaars located in various locations throughout Islamabad. But G-11, Peshawar Morr( H-9), and G-6 are the most famous Sunday markets. Itwar Bazar is a fascinating place to visit where you can buy groceries, clothes, and other household items. 

Peshawar Morr is a hawker’s paradise, with innumerable small, cluttered businesses, busy hardware stores, smaller eateries, and snack bars, and a vibrant ambiance. The neighbourhood is within walking distance of the famous Sunday market, which is full of stalls and shops filled with items of all types. It is located at the junction of G-9 and G-8.

There is very little that you cannot find at one of Islamabad’s bartering havens, from pre-loved garments to second-hand books, fruits and vegetables, meat, fish, poultry, kitchen items, and wooden furniture. Keep your negotiating skills sharp, and you’ll find a decent bargain at these vendor markets.



These were some of the famous markets in Islamabad. If you live in Islamabad or you are planning to visit Islamabad any time soon, this list of famous markets will save your time and help you in shopping.

To know more about famous markets in Islamabad, follow Graana blog.


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