Ministerial properties worth Rs10 billion approved for sale

Ministerial properties worth Rs10 billion approved for sale

Islamabad: A total of 31 public sector properties worth Rs10 billion have been approved for the initiation of their selling process by the cabinet. This is in regards to generate funds for the government.

As many as 42 ministries and divisions responded to the PM’s directive for the identification of their properties for sale of which 23 choose 99 properties for privatisation. These properties were then listed into four categories by the asset management committee constituted by PM Imran Khan and headed by the minister for maritime affairs.

The first category included 31 properties identified by mine ministries and divisions and were available for privatisation. The second category included six public-sector enterprises already on the privatisation list. The third category has various properties in it requiring evaluation of land titles by respective development authorities. 58 assets are placed in the fourth category. They are however in regards to those facing legal issues, properties on lease and those allotted and gifted for special purposes which are out of consideration for disposal.

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