Mohsin Naqvi Hails CDA’s Exemplary Waste Management During Eid-ul-Azha

CDA's Eid-ul-Azha Zero Waste Drive Receives High Praise from Interior Minister

Islamabad—Interior Minister Mohsin Naqvi has commended Capital Development Authority (CDA) Chairman Mohammad Ali Randhawa and his team for successfully executing a zero waste operation during Eid-ul-Azha.

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On Tuesday, Naqvi praised the team’s exceptional teamwork and dedication, which resulted in Islamabad being a zero waste city during the Eid celebrations. He highlighted the commendable public service of the CDA officers and staff, Islamabad police, and Safe City personnel in completing the Clean Islamabad Mission.

The operation was personally supervised by CDA Chairman and Chief Commissioner Islamabad Mohammad Ali Randhawa. Over 2,500 personnel and more than 200 vehicles and machinery were mobilized to handle the disposal of animal remains. For the first time, the CDA distributed free biodegradable bags to citizens and set up 110 collection points across the city. Deputy Commissioner Islamabad Irfan Memon monitored the operation through Safe City cameras.

Minister Naqvi expressed his satisfaction with the cleanliness arrangements, attributing the success to the diligent work of the officers and staff from various departments. He also appreciated the citizens for their cooperation in supporting the CDA teams. The minister reiterated his praise for CDA Chairman, Inspector General of Police Islamabad Ali Nasir Rizvi, Deputy Commissioner Irfan Memon, and Safe City officials and staff.

CDA Chairman Mohammad Ali Randhawa also acknowledged the sanitation workers for their successful execution of the cleanliness drive. Speaking to a private news channel, Randhawa mentioned that an emergency control room was set up to monitor sanitation issues. He explained that the director of sanitation had divided Islamabad into various zones to ensure timely disposal of waste.

Randhawa emphasized that all sanitary staff members were present during the Eid holidays, with their leaves canceled to ensure effective waste management. Special field teams were deployed to address key areas around the city and promptly remove garbage. The CDA successfully collected over 1,000 tons of animal remains from different parts of the city and disposed of them in scientifically dug trenches. The operation also resolved 72 out of 82 complaints received on the first day of Eid, earning public praise.

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