Monsoon tree plantation drive launched in Sindh

NEWS July 20th

KARACHI: A ‘Monsoon Tree Planting’ campaign has been launched by the Sindh Forests and Wildlife Minister Syed Nasir Hussain Shah and Sindh Education Minister Saeed Ghani.

Under the plantation drive, mangroves will be planted on the shores of Keti Bandar in Thatta.

The ministers explained that the mangroves will act as a deterrent against flooding, hurricanes, protect aquatic species, and act as natural hatcheries, informed the ministers.  

Speaking at the occasion, Nasir Hussain Shah informed of the government’s efforts to protect the mangroves.

“Mangroves are a lifeline for aquatic life and those who cause damage to them will not be forgiven. They will be dealt with strictly,” Nasir Hussain Shah said.

The forest department officials have been directed to ensure timely irrigation of plantations along the coastal belt.

In addition, the relevant officials have been permitted to take action against anyone cutting down forests for land and register cases against those involved.

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