More tubewells to be added to Capital’s water system

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ISLAMABAD: The Capital Development Authority (CDA) has announced that Islamabad water system has improved due to the increase in the number of tubewells. 

According to the civic agency, around 170 tubewells are functional in several sectors of the capital. The CDA is set to add five new tubewells to the existing system to facilitate the residents. Nine tubewells will also be repaired. 

Previously, CDA used to receive  about 400 complaints per day but the number has reduced to 150 owing to improvements in the system. Moreover, the number of tankers and relevant staff members have also been reduced from 25 to 10.

As per a statement issued by the CDA, a comprehensive plan is devised according to which water is distributed to residents in an efficient manner to allow the residents to receive water hassle free. 

The CDA also announced that new pipelines are laid underground to curb the water crisis. 


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