National Freelancing Training Program: A Complete Review

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The National Freelancing Training Program has partnered with some of the top universities in Pakistan and their faculty members to offer courses, training programs, and skill-building workshop

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There has been significant growth in Pakistan’s digital landscape in recent years due to the introduction of several policies based on a digitised economy, in which institutions can play their part through a digital ecosystem. The federal government is working tirelessly to develop the nation’s information technology (IT) industry, which has an enormous potential to create new investment opportunities and revenue streams.

Several steps have already been taken by the authorities on a national level to promote digital businesses. In the long run, platforms like the National E-Tijarat Portal, which was recently launched by the former Prime Minister of Pakistan, will undoubtedly make a difference. As Pakistan’s first e-commerce website, it is laying the groundwork for the development of centralised trade networks and open financial systems through the application of cutting-edge technology.

The Punjab Information Technology Board (PITB) and the Ministry of Information Technology & Telecommunication (MoITT) have collaborated to launch the National Freelance Training Program (NFTP) in an effort to capitalize on the steadily growing significance and scope of freelancing in today’s digital environment.

This platform provides Pakistani freelancers and self-employed professionals with advanced training in freelancing and courses for skill development. has compiled a complete guide on the National Freelance Training Program below.


Scope of National Freelance Training Program

The NFTP has partnered with some of the nation’s top universities and their faculty members to offer courses, training programs, and skill-building workshops to aspiring freelancers in all four provinces.

More than 21,000 trainees have already taken advantage of this training platform, which can now be accessed from more than 18 cities and has dozens of registered centres. To reach a wider audience, it also provides online sessions that are held on the NFTP’s official Facebook page.


Courses And Training Programs


Courses Under NFTP


The National Freelance Training Program is offering the following courses at the moment:



In this course, you will learn how to capitalise on your knowledge and experience on various freelancing platforms such as Upwork, Fiverr,, and PeoplePerHour, among others where you can earn online in Pakistan.



This is more appropriate for web developers and programmers. You’d be trained in some of today’s most useful development and software programming tools, such as CSS, SQL, WordPress, PHP, and others.

  • Web development basics
  • Brief intro to programming languages
  • Introduction to databases
  • Theme building and development of websites through WordPress


Content Marketing and Advertising


Course offered by NFTP


This is a collection of non-technical training courses and workshops, aimed primarily at people working in the digital media and marketing industries.

By enrolling in these courses, aspiring professionals can learn about social media strategies, creative and engaging content creation, blogging, SEO, and lead generation through digital marketing tactics.

  • Creating engaging and inventive content
  • Digital marketing
  • Blogging
  • Lead generation and SEO


Creative Designing

The NFTP additionally provides a range of courses with a focus on the discipline of graphic design. Young people have an opportunity to learn from some of the most talented graphic designers and visualisers in the industry through these courses.

  • Creative logo design
  • Corporate identity kit
  • Adobe Suite training


How to Apply for the National Freelance Training Program


NFTP Banner


  • First, visit the NFTP’s official website.
  • As soon as you click the register button, you will be prompted to enter your CNIC.
  • Before selecting the “agree” option, carefully read the terms and conditions.
  • You will then be directed to a form, where you will be required to enter your contact, personal, academic and/or professional information.
  • You’ll then receive a confirmation email with a link and your login information.
  • You must pass an online test to be eligible for the NFTP within 48 hours of submitting your application and creating your account; otherwise, your application will be rejected.


Eligibility Criteria

  • You need to be below 40 years of age and have at least 14 years of education to apply for this program.
  • A valid CNIC and a domicile certificate are required to register for the NFTP.
  • Students who are already enrolled in one of the partnered institutes of the program need to submit their valid student ID and other relevant documents, if required.


Duration of the NFTP Courses and Training Programs

The duration of courses and programs offered is about 3 months. There are three batches of trainees for each of the skill development training courses in a year.

Upon completion of your three-month training, you get a certificate recognising your achievements by the NFTP.


Universities Offering NFTP Courses


Picture showing a map of Pakistan



  • Mehran UET, Jamshoro
  • University of Karachi
  • NED University, Karachi
  • QUEST, Nawabshah
  • IBA, Sukkur



  • National Textile University, Faisalabad
  • University of Education, Lahore
  • University of Education, Multan
  • PMAS-Arid Agriculture University Rawalpindi
  • The Islamia University, Bahawalpur



  • Balochistan University of Engineering and Technology, Khuzdar
  • Lasbela University of Agriculture, Water and Marine Sciences
  • University of Balochistan, Quetta
  • Turbat University, Turbat


Khyber Pakhtunkhwa

  • Institute of Management Sciences (IMSciences), Peshawar
  • University of Engineering & Technology Mardan
  • University of Malakand


Gilgit Baltistan

  • Karakoram International University, Gilgit


Azad Jammu & Kashmir

  • University of Azad Jammu & Kashmir, Muzaffarabad


Federal Capital

  • International Islamic University, Islamabad


Frequently Asked Questions About NFTP Courses

The following are the most common questions asked by those interested in applying for NFTP:


I am already a freelancer; how will this course help me?

For most freelancers, joining this program can boost their skill set through a wide range of courses. Moreover, it will help you connect with a global network of freelancers and get far-reaching recognition for your work.


Do I have to pay for this training?

Yes, a nominal registration fee is charged for the training program. 


What is the duration of the course?

The total duration of one cohort is generally 3.5 months, and 3 cohorts are arranged in a year.


Will there be any tests?

Yes, there will be a 30-minute online test consisting of multiple-choice questions related to general knowledge and analytical reasoning.


Can I change the course after registration or shortlisting?

No. You cannot change courses after registration or shortlisting. Please choose your course carefully while registering online.


I have completed 14 years of education and work full-time; can I apply?

You may enroll yourself as a student if you can manage time for your classes during work hours and maintain regular attendance.


I do not have a personal laptop or computer. Can I apply?

Yes, you can still apply. Laptops/computer systems will be provided at the centres. However, you can only use that at our centres during training.


Where can I get further information?

In case of queries, you can dial 04299030127 and email

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