New Zealand beats Sri Lanka | Australia Takes on Afghanistan

Two wrong predictions actually shook up the confidence to write another piece before the match today. After an embarrassing loss that team Pakistan faced, I’m sure I was not the only heartbroken one, to not just write but even read another piece on cricket. So all the support and prayers that were done for our team in the previous blog actually went to waste. As I say this with a heavy heart: Kiya kali aandhi nay Shaheeno ka shikar!

Let’s just hope they can bring about the change to their game, attitude and strategy and tighten their ‘pads’ if they want to bring the cup home, or else I’m sure that even ‘Humain tum say piyar hai’ will not be able to save them this time.

As disappointed as everyone is, don’t let it keep you guys from praying for our teams guys.

The Dual Duel:

Another day. Another ICC World Cup game. Another disappointment. A one sided affair as New Zealand ‘battled’ (a figure of speech used as sarcasm, in case anyone didn’t get it) Sri Lanka and crushed them, by 10 wickets in hands at the Cardiff stadium. It was a piece of cake for the ‘Black caps’ to hunt down the ‘Lions’ as they had to chase down the low target of just 137 runs, in just 16 overs. Unlike the Pakistani opener, Imam ul Haq, the Kiwi openers put up a tremendous performance. Martin Guptil and Colin Munro easily hunted down the lions as the former scored 73 runs, whereas the later put 58 runs across the board to etch victory to their name in their first match of the championship.

Undoubtedly, the Kiwis showcased a tremendous bowling side at the Cardiff today. With an exceptional performance by their fielders, the paceman Matt Henry successfully led an inspiring bowling unit combined with fellow pacer Lockie Ferguson, through Sri Lanka  and conquered them with a 10-wickets in hand win, in their opener today. Each taking 3 wickets to bowl out all the Lions for just 136 runs in 29.2 overs. This paved the path for the New Zealand to take it home, which was further ruled by the kiwi openers. A sight, I’m sure, every Pakistani is hoping to see by their team…

Moving on. New Zealand versus Sri Lanka was not the only match that is being played today. The second match is currently being played by Australia vs Afghanistan. Lauding Afghanistan, even though it’s really that a terrific score, but Afghanistan is the only Asian team to have put on board 200 runs for their opponents, the ‘baggy greens’ to chase in the ICC world cup as of now.

The Australians are called ‘The Invincibles’ for a reason, as another tremendous show put forward by the openers, Aron Finch and David Warner. Being a true Pakistani cricket fan and supporter, it actually hurts! But ‘whatta’ game being played at the Bristol County Ground right now. Even though Afghanistan had won the toss and decided to bat first, having full confidence on their bowling side, with players like Rashid Khan and Nabi to do serious damage to the cricketing giants. I’m sure they must be regretting some of it as Australia is standing strong at 96 for 0. But wait, such a glory was short lived, as on the very next ball, the Aussie captain was sent back to the pavilion by Gulbadin Naib’s ball, as Mujeeb ur Rehamn took Finch’s catch.

Prediction Prediction:

Apparently not my strongest suit, predicting the outcome of any match. But will this ever stop me from doing so? Oh nope! This time, I’ve actually given it a lot of thought (read: sought help from google) to put forward this prediction. The Baggy greens started this match with a win predictability of 90%. But by playing tremendously, they’ve managed to snatch away victory from the Afghanistani cricket team and now are standing tall at the win percentage of 99.5%

Rashid Khan to the rescue:

Even though Rashid Khan had bowled 5 overs, his magic unleashed in the 6th over he bowled. He was successful in taking his first wicket in ICC world cup tournament and second wicket of this match. As Australia now stand at 173, with the fall of 2 wickets. But is this effort enough to stop the baggy greens from riding to success? I think not.

Personally writing, this tournament up till now has been disappointing for me. As the craziness witnessed has been too crazy, in terms of fall of wicket, one after another be in Sri Lanka, Pakistan or Afghanistan. But no doubt, Afghanistan have performed better than the other two ‘experienced’ teams. Let’s just see if they do enough to turn their game about. And talking specifically about Pakistan, will keep up their losing streak.

Finally the inning comes to an end. Professional display of batting by the baggy greens, as the openers helped drive their team towards victory. As Finch fully went for the bowlers, Warner ensured runs, as he batted till the end. Normally in a run chase, the openers set a target for their opponents. But sadly for Afghanistan, whatever they did was not enough to stop the Invincibles. The poor fielding kept letting down the Afghani bowlers. Even though Hamid Hassan kept the Australians in check, he could not manage to strike them out, as unleashing Rashid Khan did not even remotely pose as a threat. But with the game put up, the Afghan warriors should somewhat be happy, unlike the ‘experienced’ Sri Lanka and Pakistan.

Let me know your thoughts in the comments below guys. Aao mil k yeh dukh bantain!

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