Non-Saudi residents allowed to buy single property in Saudi Arabia

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA) has allowed legal non-Saudi residents to buy a single property in the region.

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The property may be land (area not exceeding 3,000 m2) or a building in any residential area. The right to own property by the owner or his family must only be for housing and cannot be used for any other purpose unless permitted by the state.

For ease of buyers, Absher platform highlighted three conditions the expatriate must meet in order to buy a property in the Kingdom, including 

  1. The foreigner must have a valid and unexpired residence ID (resident).
  2. The resident must provide all information related to the property with a copy of the title deed.
  3. They shall not have other property in the Kingdom.


To avail the service, open the Absher app, enter ‘My Services’ (Khidmaty), click on ‘Services’ (Khidmat), then ‘Public Services’ (Al-Khidmatul Aamma), tap ‘Request for Obtaining Real Estate Ownership.’

Absher is a smartphone application that allows citizens and residents of Saudi Arabia to use various government services.


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