An Area Guide to North Nazimabad, Karachi

Located in Pakistan’s largest metropolitan city – Karachi, North Nazimabad is among some of the most popular residential communities in Karachi. North Nazimabad was initially established in the 1950s as a residential community for the officials of Pakistan’s Federal Government. 

The name “North Nazimabad” was named after “ Khawaja Nazimuddin, who was the second Governor-General and Prime Minister of Pakistan., Pakistan’s smartest property portal has compiled everything you need to know about North Nazimabad, Karachi

Location of Area


location of North nazimabad


Located in an ideal location on the north side of Karachi, North Nazimabad is among some of the most notable neighbourhoods of the city, with highly demanded properties. The area offers properties at very reasonable prices. According to the census of 2017, the population of North Nazimabad is 708,598. Properties in the area are approved by Karachi Development Authority (KDA).


Postal Code North Nazimabad, Karachi

Postal code for North Nazimabad Karachi is 74600. 

Distance to Famous Nearby Localities


rmain road with clock tower


North Nazimabad is a largely residential area, many major roads connect to other prominent streets and areas and allow convenient access to locations throughout Karachi. Access to some of the prominent areas from North Nazimabad has been mentioned below.

  • National M-9 highway is 22 km away from the locality
  • Karimabad Karachi Meena bazar is 3.4 km away via Sharah-e-Humayun
  • Zoological gardens is 7.6 km – 15 minutes drive away via Nawab Siddique Ali Khan Rd
  • Abbasi Shaheed Hospital is 2.4 km (5 minutes drive) away via ‫Shahara-e- Sher Shah road 
  • Lucky One mall is 8.0 km (20 minutes drive) away via Shahrah-e-Jahangir Rd
  • Manghophir Lake is 7.8 km (21 minutes drive away) via Shahrah Noor Jahan
  • Dureji Road is 25 km (35 minutes drive) away from Hyderabad Motorway.
  • Dr. Ziauddin Hospital North Nazimabad Campus is 2.1 km (7 minutes drive) away via N Service Rd, Shahrah-Sher Shah Suri Service Rd N, and Sharah-e-Humayun road.

Blocks in North Nazimabad, Karachi

The town is currently divided into 20 blocks, numbered Block A, Block B, Block C, Block D, Block E, Block F, Block G, Block H, Block I, Block J, Block K, Block L, Block M, Block N, Block O, Block P, Block Q, Bock R, Block S, Block T, and Block U. All blocks are fully developed with well-constructed houses and apartments.

In this neighborhood, residents enjoy several facilities such as cricket grounds, sports complexes, well-kept parks, reputable schools, and wedding halls.


The Master Plan of North Nazimabad, Karachi


overview of north nazimabad


After the establishment of North Nazimabad as a residential area in 1958,  it was designed and planned by well-known Italian architect Scarapaand Aldo Rossi. Due to its well-designed infrastructure, it is currently home to millions of people. 


What type of properties are available in North Nazimabad, Karachi?


house in North nazimabad f block


Karachi is a diverse city, and North Nazimabad hosts several people belonging to different regions and ethnicities. There are a variety of well-built houses for sale and houses for rent in North Nazimabad. 

The size and price of houses vary with blocks. Properties in North Nazimabad blocks B and F are expensive as compared to other blocks due to close proximity to commercial areas and other facilities. Along with well-constructed houses, furnished and unfurnished houses for sale are available at reasonable prices. The price of properties in this area is not fixed, as prices may fluctuate over time.

The standard size of houses starts from 120 Sqyd, 160 Sqyd, 190 Sqyd, 233 Sqyd, 256 Sqyd, 400 Sqyd to 2000 Sqyd.


What is the price trend of properties in North Nazimabad Karachi?

Houses in North Nazimabad are generally cover a large area. Because of their sizable properties and luxurious standards, the area attracts buyers and tenants from all over the city. 

It has various affordable luxurious houses and apartments, and investment opportunities for investors.

Moreover, if you are looking for apartments or houses for sale in North Nazimabad block H, now is the best time to invest. The price range for houses for rent and sale properties in the area varies in terms of size, location, view, floor, and condition.

We have mentioned below the standard price trends of properties in North Nazimabad Karachi,


Houses Price Trends

Size of House Price Trends (Sale)Price Trends (Rent)
150 Sqyd to 350 SqydPKR 1.5 Crore to 4.45 CrorePKR 65k to 1.7 lacs
450 Sqyd to 1000 SqydPKR 5.5 Crore to 9.9 CrorePKR 1.85 lacs to 4.4 lacs

Apartments Price Trends

Size of ApartmentPrice Trends (Sale)Price Trends (Rental)
450 Sqyd to 1250 SqydPKR 80 lacs to 1.9 CrorePKR 35k to 1.4 Lacs
1350 Sqyd to 2250 SqydPKR 1.45 Crore to 2.9 CrorePKR 55L to 2.2 Lacs

Plots for Sale in North Nazimabad

Size of PlotPrice Trends 
250 Sqyd to 1000 SqydPKR 4.55 Crore to 22 Crore


What are investment opportunities in North Nazimabad Karachi?

The prime location of the area, modern infrastructure, and availability of basic amenities and facilities attract a lot of investors and tenants across the city. On the other hand, the area is surrounded by well-known housing areas including Gulberg, Shadman, Buffer Zone, Nazimabad, Orangi Town, and Federal B Area.  

If you belong to the working class or you want to live near the heart of the city centre, North Nazimabad is the best investment opportunity for you. The accessibility and development increase makes it a location of prime attraction for both investors and residents.


Amenities in North Nazimabad

Residents of North Nazimabad have access to all essential facilities and amenities to live a convenient life. While living in the area, you will see educational institutions, healthcare centres, and other facilities. The area provides easy access to electricity, gas, and clean water.

We have mentioned a list of facilities and amenities available in the area.


  • Dr. Ziauddin Hospital 
  • Lifeline Hospital
  • Munawar Hospital 
  • Mumtaz Hospital 
  • Farooq-e-Azam 
  • Medical Hospital 
  • Remedial Hospital 
  • Ameen Medical & Dental Center
  • M RAB Medical Center 
  • Medical Complex 
  • Patel Hospital 
  • Liaquat National Hospital 
  • Khan Hospital on National


Educational Institutions

  • Angels Grammar School
  • Quaid-e-Azam Rangers Public School & College
  • Falcon house Grammar School
  • Generations School North Campus
  • Toronto School of Academic
  • Little Folks Paradise School
  • Premier College of Commerce
  • Dr. Ziauddin Intermediate College
  • Pakistan Shipowner Government College
  • Government Degree College for Girls
  • Ziauddin University North 
  • Iqra University
  • PAF KIET North Nazimabad campus
  • The Virtual University of Pakistan 
  • Presto University 
  • Jinnah University for Women 



  • Chaupal Buffet 
  • Alen`s Grilled & Fried Chicken 
  • Kababjees
  • Mei Kong 
  • Hussaini Chicken Corn Sou
  • Grill`et
  • Red Apple Fast-Food 
  • Dehli Muslim Kabab
  • Alphine Gelato
  • Mateen Food Center
  • Mazaidar Haleem & Foods
  • Donisi Snack & Restaurant
  • Pizza Max
  • Pizza Point
  • Sizzlerz Café & Grill
  • Chicago Burger Factory 
  • DehliSohail Restaurant
  •  Cemello Ice Cream


Mosques and Churches

  • Aleemia Masjid 
  • Masjid Al-Markaz
  •  Dawoodi Bohra`s Husami Masjid 
  • Jamia Masjid Rahmaniya 
  • Taumuria Masjid 
  • Al Ahram Masjid 
  • Jamia Masjid Al-Falah 
  • Jamia Masjid Farooq-e-Azam
  • Tayyaba Masjid 
  • Masjid Imambargah Bab-ul-Ilm 
  • Asha`at ul Islam 
  • hiladelphia Pentecostal Church
  • Saint Jude`s Catholic
  • Saint Philip`s Parish
  • Saint Joseph Catholic


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