NTRC proposes handing over roads in urban areas to concerned authorities

NTRC proposes handing over roads in urban areas to concerned authorities

ISLAMABAD: The National Transport Research Centre (NTRC) has recommended that the responsibility of maintenance, repairs and improvement of road networks in urban areas should be passed on to the respective authorities. Chief NTRC Hameed Akhtar added that it is not feasible for the National Highway Authority (NHA) as they cannot levy access fees, while the local authorities collect sufficient revenue. 

This proposal was presented before the NHA Executive Board, headed by retired Capt. (R) Muhammad Khurram Agha.

The board suggested that state-owned entities should hold the core authority of the dualisation and reconstruction of Karachi-Quetta-Chaman Road (N-25) and N-5 (including expansion of Lai and Swan bridges from lanes 2 to 4). 

The current procurement process of Package III & IV, where only the technical evaluation phase had been carried out, was suspended. This would allow NHA to conduct a procurement process under PPRA Rule-42 (f) for the completion of the aforementioned projects. 

The Executive Board agreed to sign on M/s NESPAK (Pvt.) Ltd., M/s Associated Consultancy Centre (Pvt.) Ltd. and M/s ZAK Consulting Engineers (SMC-Pvt.) Ltd. for consultancy services for design and construction at an estimated cost of Rs. 112.154 million. This would specifically be for the upgrade of the 54.8 km-long Awaran-Jhaljao Road. 

The board also reviewed NOC cases regarding the application of revised rates, where NHA dues were deposited before the approval of the updated rates.